This week we return to reviewing the US charts from the four continental time zones.

This week our places are Charlottesville, Houston, Las Vegas and San Diego or Virginia, Texas, Nevada and California. What’s interesting is for all four spots the fourth house, has a preponderance of Taurus within, though the ascendants do change from seven to seventeen degrees of Capricorn. Overall there is a grand trine in earth and nothing in the element of air, one would think that would give us a feeling of heedlessness and exhilaration, free of all restraints, but no, check again.

In the meanwhile, our header picture is of Thomas A. Edison Laboratories, Building No. 2, Main Street & Lakeside Avenue, West Orange, Essex County, from the Library of Congress. If you click on the link there are sixteen more of where that came from.

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The gestalt mental chemistry approach

Mental Chemistry 1 outlined broadly in the Guide and more fully in How and Why hints to a different feeling dominating the country during the last weeks of summer, and this hints towards “deliberate” mindset. In honor of his teacher, Jenny Bollenbacher, Marc called this the “gestalt,” method. That though is rather confusing to non-Germanic speakers, but if one is familiar with the California Gestalt Therapy you may get a better understanding of the concept he was trying to depict.

In the Gestalt therapy theory, one focuses only on themselves and what is happening to them. In the Jones Mental Chemistry construct, when Mercury is further than fourteen degrees behind the sun, Jones calls this “gesalt” or deliberative. This means a person deliberates and thinks how this new thing, whatever it maybe, works within the construct they have already built. They do not like change but wants things “whole,” or of a piece. Whatever new comes into play must fit into what they already know or they discard it, unless of course transits or progressions incline them otherwise.


Now that you have a handle on the gestalt method of mental chemistry, we need to apply that to our weekly charts. When we do several things are possible.

The first looking from the fourth up to the tenth where the president resides, we see that the latest ruling by Judge Maryellen Noreika, stunned father Joe he expected the “rubber stamp” for Hunter’s plea deal. From all accounts deliberations were lengthy with many side bars and private reviews.

As we have a grand trine involved, where Mars and Mercury lay in the eighth house, where there is a lot of anger, jawboning and plans happening before this becomes a public spectacle (Pluto in the twelfth) raising too many uncomfortable questions.

Of course Saturn in the second supports this as we see Joe as the old man behind the scenes supporting his only living son, and Neptune in the third of how the newspapers can spin this to his advantage. With the midheaven, our current hopes and dreams, at 30 Libra, people want the truth, but not so much that they are uncomfortable with it. Thirty Libra is also the ascendant for Luther Burbank who made things grow in his hot house never knowing what would happen; that can happen in courts of law, and public opinion, too particularly if Hunter is registered as a Foreign Agent.

How the White House will spin that is anyone’s guess though maybe the part of fortune at 12 Libra 33, “children blowing soap bubbles at a party” being at a critical degree may hold the key.

’til next time.


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    outlined broadly in the Guide and more fully in How and Why
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