A bundle plantary pattern has all of its 10 planets within the span of a trine thus it has no oppositions or “rim” in its makeup.  Bowls are often confused with Bundles, but the major distinction is bowls are a larger formation and spread out within the hemisphere whereas bundles are more concentrated.

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President William McKinley is a bundle, and from what I can tell, the only one ever elected president.  But then I’ve only rectified up to James Garfield, and he, btw, is a Moon Bucket as are many 18th century born presidents.

Looking at McKinley’s chart one maybe thrown by the Pluto in Aries outlier.  Remember not to count anyone’s Uranus, Neptune or Pluto if they did not live to see its discovery.  McKinley who died at the Buffalo Expo on September 14, 1901 surely did not.

As is my good friend, Bradley. The key to a bundle is the trine must be complete and not go out of bounds. If it does then it is some type of bowl.


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