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Ms. Ingraham’s Moon, ruler of the Fifth House of Children, has no aspect to her Sun, so her health is never as strong as she would like, but with the conjunctions to Venus and indeed, Laura has adopted three children:  a girl from Guatemala and two boys from Russia but with the Moon found in an Air House, Cancer, suggests she would not have children naturally.  She has also two septiles going to Venus, one from Jupiter (excessive growth) and the other from Saturn, typically breast cancer, particularly as Venus, is in her matrilineal Fourth House.laura anne ingraham

She started out as a lawyer, but the talk show gig & her change in career is totally an outgrowth of her faith as highlighted by the YOD from her Jupiter in Aries 15.36 sextile the Moon at 09.31 Gemini to the apex at Neptune in Scorpio 13.13 in the Ninth House of long journeys, religion and journalism.  That creates a midpoint in her Third House, that is ruled natively by Mercury, and found in the Fourth House in the sign of its Lord, Gemini, and highlights her desire to communicate with the world at large her vision and Christian beliefs.

                       Oh those Lines!

Sextile is her Line of Personality, that aspect between the larger Jupiter to the smaller Saturn, almost septile, that almost inexorably pushes her activity towards large institutions (22.53 Aquarius, Hyperion Symbol of the Koran Upraised)  and an enthusiastic embracing of her innate talents (Jupiter in the Second House at 15.36, the Hyperion Symbol of Two Friends Shaking Hands).  Another we visited that has this sextile-septile is Abdul Bah’a.

                                        Being Efficient in the Group

Her Line of Efficiency is squared with Venus at 08.52 Gemini in the Fourth House of the end of life and home issues (HS A traveler enjoying anonymity in a foreign country, which here suggests probably her own) to Mars 08.46 in Scorpio in the Seventh.  Mercury being a supernumerary is the third part of this planetary department, particularly when it is close enough to one of the two.  Here it is conjunct at 06.10 Gemini (HS Slot Machines at Vegas) and definitely part of the fray and emphasized by the Uranus on the Seventh House cusp.  This Line suggests her single status was part of her career decision to be traveling and moving around the World, perhaps now that she has settled in NYC with her children that will change.

                            Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto == Dynomite!

The final department of the Line of Culture is made of Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto, as the supernumerary.  Ms. Ingraham has Uranus and Pluto conjunct and Neptune is Squared that grouping.  This group suggests how her Breast Cancer survival, being something erratic and caught her by surprise, really was a wake-up call.  She shares that aspect with the astrologer Evangeline Adams and shows how both women struggle in their fields against the social norm.  With Pluto conjunct Uranus, this gives her strength to hold on despite critics.

                                          And in the end

Whether she will replace Sean Spicer, we cannot say, but with her Sun opposite the Galactic Center, and the T-Cross at her Uranus 01.54 Virgo in the Seventh House, she will be out there writing, talking and driving her cause home.  In the meantime, Happy Birthday.

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