No. 7  – Relationships with Others, the Moon

From the mental chemistry of a person, my next point is the  the emotional life and marriage, or the moon, and the planet or planets that indicate marriage, respectively. The moon is while important is almost midway in the list because it is reflective and so we need the other planets to fully understand its colour.

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teddy roosevelt's moon.png

Our emotions are intimate and specific.  It is our capacity for intimate experiences and sharing experiences.  For T.R. his Moon is in the sixth house which I have assigned the keyword of “Duty” in the thirteenth degree of Cancer, its essential lord.  Teddy was often  often accused of  excessive self-love (egotism)  but that be constructive when properly applied as it was here, for the individual has a real  sense of social responsibility.   Of course this makes his Moon rather impersonal but as it was as the sign of growth (Cancer) and in the house of duty with a degree of determination it worked well.

The symbol (Cancer 13) reads: “A hand held out is remarkable for the suggestion in its prominent thumb.” This dramatizes an essentially practical approach to life, a freedom from all impeding illusions and notions. The thumb is what gets in the way of things, or in Teddy’s case, his strong self, but also makes think of the “hitch-hikers.” For Roosevelt this meant that he never lost an opportunity to put his thumb up, riding every possible vehicle of life in fulfilling his duty.

                                                             Point 8 – The Man’s Marriage

teddy roosevelt's moon.png

In a man’s chart the moon is the marriage significator, and marriage is indicated by the planets that the moon applies before it leaves the sign in which it is found at birth.

In T.R.’s chart the moon is in opposition to to Mars in Capricorn 17 in the Twelfth House showing the marriage to the first Mrs. Roosevelt, the mother of Alice. Alice seems to have fulfilled many of her father’s great desires (twelfth house)  for outstanding initiative.

Anne hathaway Lee Roosevelt.jpg
Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt, Teddy’s first wife.
Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt.jpg
Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt, the First Lady

The next application is to Neptune a trine away from the Moon in the same triplicity but in the second house.  This planet is an impersonal one, and usually represents a career marriage or business deal rather than a love for the woman herself suggesting  that the second marriage to Edith Carow, a friend of his sister’s,  was entirely subordinated to duty.

The next application of the Moon via a trine is to Neptune, an impersonal sign.  This planet usually represents a career rather than a woman.  Neptune is also in the second house, suggesting that this marriage was entirely subordinated to the career and born from duty to his daughter and family name (the first Mrs. Roosevelt having died early in their marriage when Alice was four.)

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