I  happened to catch this porn-sci fi the other night and I was struck that only two people put in good performances:  Rip Torn and Candy Clark.   I’m not alone in my opinion — in  John Willis’ 1974 Film Annual “Screen World” book thought she was one of the more “promising actors” on the horizon  — he was basing that on her performance in George Lucas’s American Graffiti where she was terrific, and very pretty. I think that counts for a lot, especially these days, as most on t.v. and even on the runaway, aren’t.

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Back to the Man who Fell from Earth, I thought she did a good job, and what happens so many times, whether it is Hallene Hill or Ann Sothern, I decided to do her chart.  It’s a strange but fun hobby; you get entranced by someone and want to get to know them better, so you turn to the charts and puzzle it out.  It seems she has not done anything since 1992  in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

candy june clark

Candy is waiting

I read some things about Ms. Clark that were not as helpful as I would have liked, but they added to the puzzle, so I had to search more until I finally pieced together something that was a match.  Alot of this is detective work, and easier with people either dead or out of the public eye, because so is seeded by their p.r. people.

The thing that struck me, is while her Moon is very fast at 15.01 (this is shown by speed but unfortunately not on this chart). Her Mercury though is way behind her Sun, so that makes her Mental Chemistry very intuitive but deliberate — the idea here is she gets a hunch and then waits for confirmation or as the saying goes for the other shoe to drop. That is problem because sometimes it never happens, and Candy will just stay on the sidelines waiting.. Thus she gets an idea but probably waits to long before acting on it. She should definitely listen to those hunches, because her case, not all, they are golden.

The map above is what I came up with  — she has a 13 Capricorn Ascendant, (HS) “Justice in a tarot card” with the keyword of Virtue. McClung does not state which tarot deck he is using — is it a Rider Waite derivative like Gill tarot below or where Justice is 11 in the traditional view? Perhaps it does not matter as he writes that we must “honor what has come to us by random chance (that intuition of course) as well as our need to have it (that deliberate Mercury that questions that very issue).

Jupiter handles it

She is a bucket with a Jupiter handle at 18.37 Scorpio in the 10th house. This makes Jupiter her focal determinator, a position that Marc Jones was of more importance than the Ascendant. If so, then (HS) or fasting pilgrims outside the castle of the king, is about her generosity of spirit that gives her the ability to recognize greatness around her.

Her Jupiter is opposite Mars in Taurus in the 4th house that suggests she is very demanding in her personal life, and a bit of a prima donna (that royalty note again) and lacks moderation, maybe that role in American Graffiti was truer than we thought. We just don’t know. We do know that the stellium in her 5th house suggests that while Candy is very creative, there are too many choices in her path, Gemini there does not help, and she often fritters their potential away searching for the right one. Her North Node, right there at the start line at 01 Gemini, is exalted, suggesting that her friends are good assets and reliable. Like the road in Graffiti, the key is looking straight ahead.


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