Gian Carlo Cruz Michael Stanton was born in Los Angeles on November 9. 1989, the eldest of three children. He attended Verdugo Hills High School in Tujunga, California, for two years and then transferred to Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California, where he was a three-sport athlete playing baseball, wide receiver and cornerback for the gridiron football team, and basketball. With Saturn in Capricorn, he made the shrewd decision to go into baseball: it pays the best.

The Yankee connection

Gian Carlo, formerly called Mike Stanton, played for the Miami Marlins, owned by Bruce Sherman and former New York Yankee, Derek Jeter, but has been traded to the New York Yankees; he was not happy about that. Jeter is a 4% owner of the Marlins, and the operating manager. We wonder whether Stanton being much like Deter’s former teammate, Alex Rodriguez, played a part of the decision.

Part of the agreement the Yankees made with Miami when they traded for Stanton in December 2017, was that the Marlins will pay the Yankees $30 million of his remaining contract since Giancarlo Stanton will not opt out of the final seven years of his contract to become a free agent. That makes sense as he won’t get that amount of money elsewhere.

Stanton, who turns 31 in November, foreshadowed the news on Instagram in early October 2020, when he selfie’d himself hitting at Yankee Stadium with “We’ll be back.” Under his contract he will make $29 million in the next two seasons before a bump to $32 million per year from 2023 to 2025, an enormous amount of money for a hitter who will be DH’d for most of the season.

              The rectification of Gian Carlo

Stanton gets the ascendant of 08 Scorpio, making him a double Scorpio as his Sun is in that house too. His Jupiter focal determinator gives Stanton great luck in making money and becomes the channel for all his southern planets, making his very extroverted. The moon in the fifth house shows the fear he can instill in the opposing pitcher because of his power and is part of his Grand Trine in Water. Stanton is a locomotive with his one opposition between Jupiter and Saturn.

The Lines of Gian Carlo

Gian Carlo’s Line of Vitality, from the Sun to the Moon, is trine. showing he has great health and lucky in business.

His Line of Efficiency, from Venus to Mars, is sextile, shows he is very emotional person, and is warm with his family and loved ones.

His Line of Motivation, from Saturn to Jupiter, is also in opposition with Saturn in the eleventh house and Jupiter in the fifth. Here we see that the Yankee fan base will probably be expecting a lot from him based on the money he has received and the publicity about being the next Hank Aaron/Babe Ruth, but with Saturn in the eleventh will probably not be rewarded for their support as we think Jeter’s call as him being like A-Rod more likely. This line also points to Stanton’s overall personality flaw, he is too driven by money and not enough by hard work. One cannot but think of Cuba Gooding, jr. in the Jerry Maguire movie.

His Line of Culture is conjunct and in the eleventh house. This is the one hope that Stanton can turn things around as he is very sensitive to both the public and the press. If anything changes his attitude and makes him buck up, it would be this aspect particularly as it is sextile his Sun in the ninth house of religion and higher self. Indeed, we sincerely hope that happens.

In the meantime, happy birthday and good luck Slugger.

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