Mr. Krusinski lives in Warsaw Poland and sells software to support his system created in 1996. It is variation on the Porphyry, but I gave the Placidus system for comparison. Look at the populated houses for the similarities, not the empties. The Krusinki besides being available from its creator, and then only on the Apple Mac, is available in Kepler for Microsoft Windows.

The Krusinki method

The zodiac is typically divided on the cardinal points, which means that Ascendant and Medium Coeli, or the adequate point to MC, must be placed always in 90° angular distance. Instead Krusinki uses the zenith instead of MC because it is a cardinal point whilst MC is only its projection onto the ecliptic . The distance between Asc and the MC is usually 90°, even though these are the two points which determine cardinal points of house system, thus making many of the precepts similar to the Morin house system but as he pegs the ascendant to the first house it changes the cuspal nodes.

Mr. Krusinki’s site is here and the bibliography page to only printed books is worth perusing.

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