The inaugural issue of SEN

The Sabian Earth Newsletter was a publication that highlighted Marc Jones’s techniques.   It was a success in spirit but not format and 40 days after its publication, the Sabian Earth website was created.  After four years of work, that was replaced by this current site, Celestiololgy.

The title was a nod to the small Yahoogroup, Sabian Earth, that really was the forerunner of the Sabian Earth and Celestiology websites.  It had about five  members.  I asked all the member to submit something to the Newsletter but most were bashful and balked but M.K. Saladin, a senior Sabian member,   became intererested as well.  Mo decided to take on the Martin Luther chart from Jones’s How to Learn Astrology, the first of his many astrological books.


The Gunpowder Plot & Martin Luther

Mo’s choice was unusual because Sabian Earth, as it name suggests was just a mundane astrology group, but his reasoning was that Martin Luther was pivotal to Marc’s decision to originally become a Presbyterian minister, and as an admirer who had met the man way back in the Seventies, thought it an appropriate gesture for someone he holds in high regard.

I chose a mundane chart for the Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot, a five hundred year old terrorist attack on the  he British Parliament, because I have always like the poem.  Looking at the chart, and reading more about the event, I became interested in why it idd not go off…lack of matches?  wet environment…not enough gunpowder were some of my original ideas, but the chart provided something equally possible, and in the end, viewing all the events, seemed to make the most sense.

Despite the disparity in charts, they did have something common:  both happened in early November though about 120 years apart.


The newsletter was sent out and  met with a great reception; I  hope you enjoy as well.

                                            Thanks Suki,

editor in chief of the Sabian Earth Newsletter

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You can download the Sabian Earth Newsletter here.


This was reviewed and updated as needed on July 31, 2021

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