Debbie Reynolds was unfortunately in the news this past Christmas holiday, when her only daughter, Carrie Frances Fisher, had a heart attack on board a flight from London, the UK to Los Angeles, California. The plane was forced to stopped but the fifteen minutes of getting Ms. Fisher to a hospital was too long, and a few days later, the sixty-year-old actress died.Ms. Reynolds was discussing with her only son, Todd Fisher, his sister’s funeral when she collapsed saying “I miss her so” and died several hours later of a cerebral stroke.  She was 84.  Only her son, Todd, and her granddaughter, Billie, survive her.

Debby Reynolds-dr2
Debby and husband Eddie Fisher

A Firecracker

We were not alone in being saddened by the news, nor we were probably alone in searching for their birth data.  We found Ms. Reynold’s data on the late Lois Rodden’s site and were impressed at first, but then when checking it against the symbols, we were thought it a bit off.

We reviewed the symbols, and the aspects, and rectified Miss Reynold’s Ascendant from 6 Libra, The ideals of a man abundantly crystallized to 8 Libra, A blazing fireplace in a deserted old home.

Fireworks by Grucci

We found the critical aspects in Ms. Reynolds, were a bit broad to fully captured her fierce loyalty to the people in her world, but that they worked. First & most notably is her relationship with her daughter Carrie and her strong reaction to the latter’s sudden demise.  Second her spontaneous  reunion with her old but estranged friend Elizabeth Taylor.  These episodes, as well as her exuberant film career, exemplify, the joyousness of a firecracker.

                          Fire gives warmth

With that idea in mind, it was easy to rectify Miss Reynold’s Ascendant from 6 Libra, The ideals of a man abundantly crystallized to 8 Libra, A blazing fireplace in a deserted old home.  Our reasoning is that we see here a bundle of naive energy that burst upon the Hollywood stage, full of cardinal warmth and devoted loyalty to the people in her world coming as she did from a staunch Pentecostal home in El Paso, Texas.

Debby Reynolds-dr3
Son Todd, Debby and Carrie

Marc Edmund Jones gives 8 Libra the keyword of  Guardianship, a person who is guardian, protector,  and caregiver of their charge.  That is very akin to her role as a  single mother raising her two young children after her husband, crooner Eddie Fisher deserted her for Elizabeth Taylor.   So too, is her fierce reaction to her daughter Carrie’s sudden demise, as though she had been negligent in some way.

Her horoscope shows us through the aspects to personal yod (she has two) that either of her children’s death would have exacted the same toll as she was first and last,  a devoted mother.

A Seesaw with 2 yods

Miss Reynolds is a seesaw temperament type which disposes her to be more mutable than her chart would allow.  This showed up in her favour as being a versatile performer:  she sang, danced, and acted and won plaudits for her varied work.  Her fiery temperament was often capitalized in her various roles:  the Tammy series,   The Unsinkable Molly Brown,  How the West was Won,  and of course, the fabulous Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly.

As her Seesaw yields two yods, they have to be addressed as each one is in a different part of her hourglass configuration .  The top one in her Southern hemisphere, is in her  public life using the Midheaven as one arm and Neptune (doing double duty) as the other.  The foot to this group is dreamy Moon (Aquarius 27.52).  Its midpoint is appropriately enough, her Part of Fortune at 22.55 Leo, with the Keyword of Audacity and the symbol of a “bareback rider.”

Debby Reynolds-dr4

The second yod is has its apex at Saturn, where she was both mother and father to her two children, Carrie and Todd, after they were abandoned by her gigolo husband the crooner Eddie Fisher ran off with the grieving Elizabeth Taylor.  You can read about it (shorter version) here .   Its  midpoint is in dutiful Neptune (Virgo 05.42)  as she was forced to become a single mother in the symbolic “merry go-round” of what is life.

That Saturn, making her sensitive to her home life, is semi-sextile (the keyword here is agreement) to the Moon in the fifth house (28 Aquarius, keyword immediacy) and sextile (the keyword for sextiles is Understanding)  to Mars (29 Pisces, keyword Validation)  in the sixth house of work and health.  If one steps back for a second and sees the Moon as Carrie and Mars as Todd, we see how interlinked she was to them.

RIP, Debbie.  We’ll miss you.