Mars Unaspected

Another person whom we did previously that has an unaspected planet is little Marie “Killer” Schneider.  unaspected.png

For Marie, her unaspected Mars works well in her chart — her desire for the the gold earrings, the quick push, the “I don’t know why” reason.  The red line shown on her chart above is an opposition to the midheaven, that both we and Dr. Hamaker-Zondag ignore but at 03.19 Sagittarius suggest that her life will be marked by impulsiveness.  The green line partly hidden by our notes,  is a sextile to her ascendant that we also ignore on the same grounds — they are not planets just mathematical points and but are the only two aspects that we can find.  The rest of the planets are blacked out following Marc Jones piano key method  where only the planets under consideration are shown.

In short, unaspected planets though hard to find in a chart, are important because the individual overemphasizes them in their life.  The British astrologer Sasha Fenton¹ has an unaspected Neptune and openly admits that she has “worked in every kind of Neptunian field, including prisons and mental health hospitals,” and so an unaspected planet works like a focal determinator in the chart.

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