Nevada Sen. Patrick Anthony McCarran (Dem 1931-1954) drafted several pieces of legislation in the 1930s and ’40s all of which became the foundation for today’s aviation regulatory structure. In Southern Nevada the McCarran International Airport is named for him. 

Sen. Harry Reid appealed to the Department of Transportation to change the name, but after a lengthy review process, McCarran International remained.

McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, NV

“Pat McCarran was one of the most anti-Semitic — and some of you might know my wife’s Jewish — one of the most anti-black, one of the most prejudiced people who has ever served in the Senate,” said Sen. Harry Reid “so I don’t think his name should be on anything.”

 What Sen. Pat McCarran did that upset Sen. Harry Reid so much was he sponsored a bill called The Internal Security Act of 1950, sometimes called the McCarran Act or the anticommunist law.  It has a lot of names depending upon who’s calling them.  The reason for bringing this up is Pres. Trump’s call for the removal of illegal aliens is being grouped with it.

Senator Pat McCarran argued for the fingerprinting and registration of all “subversives” at large in the United States.   It passed Congress and  President Truman, who had already imposed the Loyalty Order for federal government employees in 1947,  vetoed it because it “would make a mockery of our Bill of Rights [and] would actually weaken our internal security measures.”  The President’s veto though was overridden by an 89 percent majority vote, and McCarran’s newly formed Senate Internal Security Subcommittee worked closely with Hoover’s FBI and conducted hearings.  

Senator Karl Earl Mundt of South Dakota was the chairman of the House Committee of Un‐American Activity along  Representative Richard M. Nixon of California and his aide, Robert F. Kennedy, later a senator from New York.

                                           The Senators Chart

senator mccarran.png

We have rectified the late Senator’s chart for 26 Libra, a degree that Dr. Jones says is represented by “an Eagle and large dove, one transforming into the other.”  It represents a persons capacity to meet particular situations head on and acknowledge the real frustration that issues cannot be remade into idealized wholes.  It has the keyword of Adeptness.


The Senator’s temperament type is a Bucket with a Jupiter Handle in the first house, signaling a high forehead and a dignified appearance with arched eyebrows, the arches of Sagittarius, where Jupiter is Lord.  This though is heavily modified by the stellium in the tenth house of Leo  he will also have luxuriant hair in his youth and go bald as he ages.  The Jupiter handle is rather remarkable at 22.45 Scorpio a “Jewelry Shoppe”  an image of achieving one’s goals by handling many different responsibilities, all the while keeping his eye on what matters most.

Saturn Pisces 06.06  in his fifth house suggests he came from a large family, was a stern father, & probably had one son and several daughters, as the moon tends to be prolific here.  But the fifth house is also creativity, and gaming, apropos for Nevadan Senator and  Saturn here suggests the rules, regulations, and structure for the CAA (now FAA).  particularly as  McCarran came to the Senate right after the fatal crash that killed beloved Notre Dame coach, Knute Rockne perhaps clueing him into the need for greater federal oversight of aviation safety (Moon 24.25  the fifth sextile Pluto 24.33 in the house of death and legacies).

NY Times obit for the Coach and victims of crash, April 1, 1931

This sextilian aspect is between a “flag at half mast” depicting the rewards of someone ready to do what it takes to protect history and a “bunny metamorphosed into a fairy” the ability to dream big.

McCarran’s  stellium in his house of career and position is impressive, telling us that the Senator was an ambitious mind with a lightning quick mind, and was able to foresee issues long before they occurred.  His Mars is square Chiron in the seventh house, suggesting death from atheriosclerosis.

His Mercury, that supernumerary of the zodiac, spans both the tenth and eleventh houses, suggesting that his career was probably encouraged by like-minded Nevadans, particularly as it exact to his Uranus.  His Venus in the ninth house tells he was a patriotic & religious man & sextile Pluto, discovered in his lifetime though not at his birth, also hovering on the cusps of the seventh and eighth house, he had strong traditional views and liked to argue.

The Senator’s Venus in the ninth house tells he was a patriotic & religious man.  It is sextile Pluto, discovered in his lifetime though not at his birth, also hovering on the cusps of the seventh and eighth house, he had strong traditional views and liked to argue.

download the wheel_for senator patrick_mccarran

The picture of the Senator is from the Congressional Record.

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