Around the Continental US. First stop is Charleston, South Carolina for the East, then Baton Rouge for the South and Central times zone followed by Kalispell, Montana for the Mountain regions. Finally, we end up in Pacific Northwest and Ashland, Oregon.

Wherever we go the eleventh house and Leo, in its detriment since it rules the fifth, is the spotlight so there is some tension between our public and private life. That makes sense as everyone I know around the country is complaining about perceptions — what people think and what is their personal reality.

For some, this is a money thing — people think they are doing better than they are, and no one wants to admit they are not (see the T-square pop out with Jupiter in the eighth and other people’s money). For others, the problem is ageing (Saturn in the fifth). Either they are getting old and want to move near family, or family members are getting old and they want to be there for them. All of this is more likely, as remote work allows people to live anywhere but it seems Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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The last issue is problematic as there are few houses on the market, so finding something near and affordable is tough. Not everyone is Bob Dylan selling or even buying a Scottish trophy estate with lots of cash on hand.

The charts have Libra 05 as their rising; Kalispell, being so far north is the lone exception and goes to Scorpio. That degree does indeed suggest “labour” and hard work and one needs to buckle down to get to the goal — the planetary pattern of a locomotive also supports this method.. But so does the Moon next to the Sun & opposite Pluto. The Moon in the tenth is in its detriment too because it’s in the tenth and the goat and the moon do not get along and it is opposite its own home in the fourth. So here, we have to take a cue from the part of fortune (03 Libra) and be staunch and not give up. Of course, that is always easier said but done, but we need to work on that (Libra 05).

Tally ho!

PS. I think Mondays are going to work better for me. Hope the same is true for you.

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