Ciaran Bourke was a founder of the Dubliners. He came from a wealthy family who hired a Irish nurse and taught him Gaelic (Gaeilge) and appreciation of traditional music and jigs. Later, he gathered a band of like-minded Irish musicians and taught them the same, thereby keeping the traditional music alive. RTE has some more on this for his tribute.

Ciaran on the tin whistle.
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Food, Guinness and Saveur

And if you want to have a traditional Irish meal to enjoy it with see over here on the Saveur (a great food magazine now defunct) site with a pint of Dublin’s Guinness to wash it down.

The Chart

True to expectations, Ciaran’s chart shows a preponderance of Aries and he created and founded the Dubliners spirit. The smaller house preponderance in the third, highlights how his bandmates all mourned the loss of a brother fro a brain aneurysm. His rising sign is the Sabian symbol is ” There is no service in the church but the sounds of a rehearsal choir singing permeate the space.” Jones writes this highlights Bourke’s ability to harmonize the various elements of the band into a whole that was also “sustaining” (both spiritual and monetarily profitable).

Bourke is a bucket with a Neptune handle, the sign of Pan (Capricorn) playing his lute in the seventh house with others. While not in aspect, in the sixth house Pluto in the sixth house shows his ability to get everyone to work together in the band, and its effect on his own feeling that he was doing a great service in revitalizing this art form.. As Pluto is opposite his ascendant, it gives us a clue that he probably did not think it would work, but the T-Square to Jupiter in the second, shows it was his natural leadership that made it so.

Ciaran Bourke died in his native Dublin at age 48. He left behind his wife and six daughters, a loyal band that continued his work, and many fans.

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