Former Green Bay quarterback has a lot of eye-catching aspects in his chart — the stellium in the third house of communication is just incredible, but to be honest it is that his chart reads more like a weather almanac than a natal that is just jaw-dropping.

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Favre was born October 10, 1969 at about 1:22 am in the morning. I did Aaron Rodgers a while back, so figured I owed Favre a nod too. I did not expect such an incredible chart. Makes me wonder what Willie Joe or Roger Staubach have up their chart.

The Saturn in Taurus at the top of the chart opposite Uranus that showed when picking a major team, it was Green Bay that would make his career. Typically that opposite denotes snow, in Favre’s chart with all those communication skills, it shows he can handle the cold and the snow like a proverbial beat; and this from a boy who probably never saw any until he until up north for training.

His major planet mutual reception between Venus and Mercury show how much his parents encouraged his abilities; Favre admits this whenever asked that without his parents love and support he doubts he would have succeeded. Then he has Saturn mutually receptive to the Moon, cold again, and Mars in its rulership — helpful for someone who is the captain of the field and determines the offensive plays shows up in his house of work and daily living.

Neptune in the fifth in Scorpio, snow, give him a creative edge and it is no surprise that he has the winningest percentage of any quarterback in the sub-zero play.

Unfortunately now that he is back home in sunshine of his native Mississippi he’s running into a lot of problems with bureaucrats. Perhaps he should have stayed up north. In the meantime here’s wishing him the best.

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