Elena Rybakina (No. 25 ranking) will face Victoria Azarenka (No. 24) in the semifinals of the Australian Open on Thursday, January 26. Rybakina is favored (-200) in this match compared to the underdog Azarenka (+170). ESPN also ranks Azarenka at #24. Both are six feet tall but Rybakiina is ten years older.

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Victoria Azarenka with her preponderance in Capricorn is an interesting study in herself. While her ascendance is 03 Sagittarius 24 giving her the symbol “A little girl is beginning to walk, her parents offer no assistance” and so fits her first house preponderance beautifully. A lipped bowl by planetary pattern, Azarenka is almost the perfect goat — she is patient and persistent, charming and concentrated and most of all deceitful witness her winning custody of her American born son by getting the trial changed to her native Minsk. That’s the wiles of the goat, charming and oh so deceptive, and we are sure golfer Billy McKeague is still cursing her wiles now six years later.

Who who will the semi-final in Melbourne between the two? Who knows but let’s hope its not a judge’s call.

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