Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, has announced she will not run for re-election. Her party, Labour, has taken this as a victory against her comments that NZ would become a two tier society of those getting the Covid jab and those not.

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To understand how intrusive her Covid policies are, I can relate this tidbit: my sister in law June and her husband were travelling in on the South Island when they contracted Covid. The hotel reported it and they were then isolated in their room for a full 7 days at govt expense. They could not leave and food was left outside the door, typically cold, and never what they wanted. She said they were totally depressed cooped up in this hotel room with little to watch and less to do. When the seven days was up they hopped on a plane and went back home to Sydney where they remarked on their treatment. The folks there said, “We’ve heard this before,” and told them to go home and isolate now for 5 more days. It seems the NZ isolation didn’t mean a fig back in Syd.

Whether those policies will change, I have not a clue, but I do know that June and hubby have cancelled their plans for returning until those rules are lifted.

The Wellington chart shows Lilith opposite the Part of Fortune which as this is a mundane chart stands for its leader. The T-Square ends up at Uranus in the second showing the effect of her policies on tourism and money into the NZ coffers –if June isn’t returning and she travels there all the time to go bushwalking, who else is saying away? Probably a lot of other tourists.

If we go to Los Angeles, for Americans we get a rather humourous take on the same episode. Her we see the Moon obviously pointing to tourists at 15 Sagittarius 44 in the house of other people’s money and now the eleventh house of the public, mad as hell and protesting (see our header picture from the Epoch Times. Lilith in the LA chart is opposite, signwise, Lilith in the New Zealand chart again reiterating everyone is staying home.

For both charts I am using the Natural Graduation house system. This one is a variation of the Porphyry House system, and so valid for all latitudes. It uses the Midheaven and Ascendant as cusps of the 10th and 1st houses, thus here the Ascendant is aligned with the first house. The method was devised by the late Colin Wilson, but a minor variation was made by K.M. Kharegat, that is often called NeoProphry and adopted by Walter Pullen’s Astrolog.

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