It was a fluke that I ran into Zoe on her birthday yesterday, December 1, so I took it as a sign and did her chart. The official birth chart for December 1, 1988 at Venice, California is not bad except it is rectified to local mean time, but shown as clock time. Marc Jones, was a big adherent of clock time, but I do not agree with him, and having slowly been rectifying all the old charts to lmt. Not much changes, it’s only eight minutes difference, except for the ascendant and midheaven.

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Much ado about nothing

Overall, her chart is incredibly similar to Megyn Kelly, the former big name talking head that is slowly falling into oblivion. Zoe now 34, is following that path, much her like her mother, Lisa Bonet. You can really see this if you follow her yod points. Most yods are incorrectly constructed and do not use the person’s focal planet, which in Zoe’s case is Mars. If you look at the aspectarian box everything connects to her Mars, and is probably why her marriage to porn star, Karl Glusman, was ill-fated — she did not like the role of wife and mother. Sounds a lot like the spoiled rich girl, Miley Cyrus and her marriage to Liam Hemsworth.

Following the Mars, to make a yod you need another chart point that is a sextile away. Joan Kellogg allows up to 15 degrees for it, but I have found that incredibly wide. Typically I would use her focal planet, Mars, but that does not work as it has no alliances with other planets to support it, making her Mars angry and bitter with no one understanding why (sextiles). So that for a yod is out.

The Yod that works

After a lot of searching, the yod that works is this one, that ends up with the yod foot, as Kellogg calls it, of 09 Pisces 24 at the North Node in fifth house and a yod head, the south node conjunct her Moon in the eleventh, she has problems with the idea of “mother” and “mothering” which is just about what she said at the Glusman breakup.

Page Six

And all of that is just about what Zoe admitted on New York Post’s Page six as well other fanzine interview sites.

Kravitz revealed she has since been asking herself “a hard” and “uncomfortable question” about her future.“Maybe I don’t want the thing that I’m supposed to want, a marriage, children, any of it. I don’t know if I want that at all,” she said.”That’s an uncomfortable question, especially for a woman to ask herself.”

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