Roseanne’s birthday was last week. I remembered I had her chart from a while ago from someone who asked when the show was still on t.v. She has an incredibly lucky chart, as shown by the trine midpoints below. Even her grand fixed square works to her advantage, but the thing I find striking is Uranus in Cancer right on the ninth house cusp of t.v. shows (and historically publications) opposite her Mars in the second house in Capricorn.

Mars is exalted in the sign of the goat, and that was forever evident in Roseanne and over the years about Roseanne. She markets and manages her image extremely well. Pluto, conjunct the midheaven, and a semi-sextile away from that Uranus, is trine her Galactic Center showing how well she was in touch with her public and fans.

Roseanne is a Hourglass Pattern because she shifts with the wind grabbing opportunity as it presents itself. Her lone mistake was making a bid for president, though I find it hard to believe she was serious, for she should have gone for senator of her native Utah — it would have been better than Romney. But here, like the stupidity that killed her show, the Black Moon Lilith tells us she tends to put her foot in her mouth and undermine herself, and that is probably attributable to her sextile to Uranus encouraging her to be outrageous.

Roseanne is Jewish, and the title of the post comes from her joke about being a Jew in Salt Lake City: “we were Jews on Friday until Saturday and then come Sunday we converted to Mormons to fit in,” and perhaps this more than anything else she has said, shows how she learned to adapt to her surroundings.. She was born on November 3, 1952, in Salt Lake City at what I have rectified to 6:45 am. This gives her the rising of 07 Scorpio 15, that Dane Rudhyar attributes to the decanate of Communion.

This degree is a symbol of DEEP-SEA DIVERS, because the natives desire to explore the hidden depths of all their experience and search for original causes. “This type of depth-plumbing adventure is basically different from the one symbolized by the gold rush (Scorpio 06), for it can take place within the individual and with no relation to social value. It refers symbolically to a quest for “under-standing”—or what lies under the surface waves of daily living. This quest may lead to great dangers as it requires strong will and good breathing i.e., spiritual strength.” The next symbol, Scorpio 08 is a “calm lake bathed in moonlight” which I cannot see no matter how many variations of herself she creates (the Grand Trine in vain Earth is responsible for this).

Currently she and her latest husband live on a 46-acre macadamia nut farm in Hawaii.

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