Looking at the first date for Allen Dulles, I found lots of anomalies and the chart seemed more cobbled together than naturally created. All those qualms go by the wayside with the second chart for Dulles. Here I just took the date of APril 7th and kept the time and everything fit together showing he was more a product of his elder brother’s machinations than any inherent talents.

The real chart

Now we have a grand trine in air with supporting sextile for two out of three of the trine showing how his associations and friendships helped him get ahead. He has an opposition from Saturn, obviously his elder brother, in the eighth of other’s people money and gifts to Mercury in Aries in the second. The preponderance in the second shows his natal resources which were his passport to power. Th ext preponderance in the fourth house, her as a proxy for father and country, indicate his ability to be double dealing when necessary particularly when dealing with his superiors thus acting like a human shield — Jupiter opposite Uranus.

The two oppositions, in different modalities, plus the grand trine make him a locomotive planetary type — a single minded man with a vision for himself and his dreams (Moon at 23 Sagittarius 54). Most of his conjunctions are aligned with Venus thus he could be very debonair and charming like most diplomats but the trine between Mars and Saturn show that was fa├žade to his ruthlessness.

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