Dulles National Airport in Washington DC is named for the father of the CIA. He is also the longest servicing head of the organization and once ran for president on the Republican. Unlike another CIA director, George Bush, he was not as successful in his bid.

Astro.com two birthdays for him, but they seem to favour the April 23rd one below. I can understand why: the preponderance in Gemini suggests “spying”, the Pisces ascendant gives him a universalist worldview and the mutual reception between Mars and Mercury encouraged his tendency to take the belligerent view in politics, somewhat like the modern day John Bolton.

His Sun sextile Apollon in the fourth, shows brilliant success in business, and he did have that in his law practice, but nothing that would get a major airport named for. Hades sextiles the Sun has a better case, hiding in the twelfth house of secrets. Hades hides amongst the filth and refuse of political intrigue. Venus in her rulership is also sextile Hades where she hides amongst money and power and wields gossip, backstabbing, addictions and other exploitable weaknesses of men.

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Astrologically, the chart does not hold together. There is not a grand square or a grand trine to bind it. The T-square is weak — Mars is on the cusp of the fourth and in Gemini. An hourglass planetary pattern just doesn’t cut it.

Overall, the map is just an assortment of odds and ends that look cobbled together to make Allen Dulles, but without a driving force that created Allen Dulles though I admit Venus in Taurus and Saturn in Libra are nice exhibition of medieval rulerships but if we switch to the second date, Saturn is still in Libra though (accounting for the same time) in a different house. Venus maybe better in Aries though after all.

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