Congresswoman Elizabeth Lynne Cheney is running as an incumbent.The odds she loses right now are 90% according to CNN. Our header picture shows her campaigning in blue to get Democratic voters in Wyoming — crossover votes are allowed there.

Cheney was born on July 28 1966 in Madison, WI to her Richard Bruce Cheney and mother Lynne Cheney. Her grandfather worked for the Department of Agriculture as a soil agent, which explains the agriculture aspects showing up in her chart.

The Old Manse

Her chart shows her as being a bucket with a Saturn handle — for her father in the ninth house. Her sister, Mary, is homosexual and has two children with her partner she met in college. Liz and Mary do not speak since Liz went into politics (Uranus conjunct Pluto or separation from her sister for publicity.)

The congresswoman’s married to Phil Perry is a litigation partner at Latham & Watkins. They are worth one billion dollars.

Her ascendant is 25 Cancer 18 that Martin Goldsmith says “Cocktails and conversation at a dipolmatic soiree in the library of an old and venerable mansion.”

Her ascendant according to Goldsmith suggests one who has a

“polished and dignified social persona. ” Attractively coifed and attired but in reality is very price and almost secretive (Saturn trine her Ascendant). She is expert at gathering information and evidence, and gathers facts that support her agenda, ignoring all else. This person tends to push an “official story” that benefits her and uses her influence in privileged circles. She is an elitist.”

Martin Goldsmith, The Zodiac by Degrees, Boston: Weiser Red Wheel, 2004. 1st edition.

Incredibly that works. Liz has admitted if she loses she will run for President on the Republican ticket. Mainline republicans will support her though I wonder who would be her running mate?

Hades a dark energy

She has some interesting transneptunians in her chart, particularly Hades conjunct part of Popularity and Influence. Hades is related to the gut in Uranian astrology — its a visceral emotion that shows secrecy and buried things. It is related to Scorpio and is associated with the God of the Underworld in Greek Mythology — just like Pluto in the Roman.

Alfred Witte wrote that Hades was associated with the energies of Saturn tapping into the Moon — hence the deep dark emotions you do not want uncovered. For her that is her “popularity” or voter appeal, and shows she is not really interested in it.

That makes sense since Wyoming voters are very unhappy with her, and in her attempts to win the primary she is not saying if she should win, she will change her tone. No, she is staying the course. To that effect she is asking Hollywood celebrities to defend her actions, and even got her father to support her. But never once has she said she would get in line with what her voters want because she doesn’t care; she has her agenda.

Vulkanus – Male dominant Strength

Despite having five children, she has a very strong male chart. Vulkanus, another transneptunian is conjunct retribution and retaliation, but also the need to succeed and a strong business drive. Based that she spent most of her life in the outskirts of DC and just went to Wyoming for run for office, that makes sense; basically she ran on her father’s record. To show how perverse that is, actress and far-left politico Barbra Streisand vehemently protested Dick Cheney as Veep and Congressman, but supports Liz.

Solar Return Chart Bi-wheel

Her Solar Return chart is shown below next to her natal. The key there is her return Moon is conjunct her Natal Ascendant — Liz is scared of losing. Neptune return is also conjunct Saturn natal hoping that her father’s plea that Trump is the greatest threat to the Republic since the founding. Hitler, Hirohito, Benedict Arnold, the Civil War, Lincoln’s & JFK’s assassination were pikers compared to Trump. That an impressive resume.

Nonetheless despite all this rhetoric she loses on the 16th. Oh well, that’s politics.