Mark Edward Middleton, 59 of Little Rock, Arkansas, went to be in the “loving arms of God on Saturday, May 7, 2022” the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

The header picture is his heart-broken wife Rhea, with whom he had two daughters, Lindsay and Lauren, ages unknown. His parents Charles and Anita and two brothers and sister also survive him. The funeral was May 12 in Little Rock.

Beginning in Little Rock

Mr Middleton was born in Little Rock on October 12, 1962 and was former President Bill Clinton’s special advisor . For the past ten years, Mark Middleton has run the family business Middleton Heat & Air business in Little Rock, Arkansas with offices throughout the capitol area. His father Chuck established MHA forty-five years ago. Middleton fils, served on the boards of many charity foundations and was a managing partner of the investment firm MidCorp Capital.

While in the White House, Middleton served under the then-chief of staff Thomas “Mack” McLarty.

Introducing Mr. Epstein

Middleton is best known for cementing the Clinton friendship with the late Jeffrey Epstein. He reportedly welcomed Epstein to the White House for at least seven of Epstein’s 17 visits. It is unknown of if the First Lady Hillary Clinton was aware of these gatherings. Middleton was also a visitor aboard Epstein’s private jet nicknamed by the press “The Lolita Express.”

Unfortunately, his death has been ruled a suicide. They found him hanging from a tree with a shotgun wound that blew a massive hole through his chest, thus ensuring if the gun did not kill him, he would die by hanging. I guess this is a case of better safe than sorry.

Let’s go to the Charts

After that prelude, one has to wonder what type of fellow MEM was and what made him eventually take the early train. His eighth house is in Aries ruled by Mars, and that is the twelfth house, or self-undoing.

Mark’s People Talents

Both Jupiter and Saturn, planetary wise, are in the house of their domicile — Saturn is in Aquarius and Jupiter in Pisces. This unfortunately creates a bad opposition between Saturn and Mars in the twelfth with a T-Cross going to the Midheaven 27 Taurus 06, which in my experience always points to some type of violence. The Midheaven is opposite Venus in Scorpio, so technically we have a Grand Square.Venus is exalted in the fourth house though not sign, so coupled with the sextile from the second house, making money came easy to MEM. But as you start to look closer, nothing is what it seems.

While Mercury is in its own triplicity (element of Air) in the second, it is squared Saturn in the sixth, suggesting his business benefited heavily from associations with older men, not necessarily the pillars of the community, but men of means and power.

Starwise, thanks to precession of the equinoxes, his ascendant is almost exact the royal star of Regulus.

Venus is an outlier and basically unaspected. It is on the cusp of the fourth and in Scorpio and here suggests his need or use of sex for nurturing and emotional support. Thus MEM would want to be liked and would use his abilities to provide sexual comfort to others, as well as himself. Considering his links to Epstein and his wealthy clientele, this makes sense.

Looking at the Progression to the day of his demise, and approximated time, we see the picture of a lot of pressure and concerns about his role in the Epstein scandal (Jupiter in the seventh). Based on those charts, I would bet his family was devastated, but not wholly surprised.

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