Congressman Jim Cooper of Tennessee Retires

Congressman  Cooper of Tennessee is a Blue Dog Democrat, a term describing that  members have turned “blue” for being left out of the far left of their Party.   They call themselves “centrists”, “traditional” and even “conservative.”  There is also “Yellow Dog” Democrats, something I first saw on bumper stickers while travelling thru Gainesville, Florida, meaning they would rather vote for a “yellow dog than any Republican.” As Yellow Dog is also a coward, the pun is rather complete.

Cooper has recently stated he will retire at the end of this term from Congress. He blames the Republican re-districting in Nashville for the cause (January 25).  A week later, obviously still angry over the retirement, he struck out at Tucker Carlson, a talking head on the Fox Network.

                 Cooper attacks Carlson

Cooper attack on Carlson went ballistic, making headlines by illegally using his position to “ask an intelligence briefer to find out if his (Tucker Carlson} show is tied to Russia,”   Carlson explained, “We’re not tied to Russia. This is a cable television program. We’re not a diplomatic mission. Jim Cooper knows that.”

Carlson said, noting that he has been critical of the Biden administration’s policies toward Ukraine, which are under threat of Russian invasion. Carlson said Cooper was acting in “retaliation.” Perhaps in a last salvo.

It would seem Cooper is now full Dog-Democrat, which explains all the pork in the latest bill that has come his, and his brother, the Mayor of Nashville’s way, but still he has retired and at that point, like many other Republican and Democrat politicos, a “free man” or he is just bucking for a position in the Biden White House?  Let’s look at the Lines to see what’s up.

                       Cooper’s Blue Lines

  1. Line of Vitality or where does the person draw  strength from?
    1. In Cooper’s case, this Line is Inconjunct suggesting Cooper is very much a political animal and expanding his power base is important to him.  This would explain why his sudden attack on Carlson — like Munchin the White House is putting a lot of pressure on him to come into the fold.  I imagine Sinema will get the same fate.
  2. Line of Efficiency or how does he approach his daily life?
    1. For the Congressman,  this line is also inconjunct telling us, frankly he does not, which is why is suffering so heavily from the death of his wife last year, — he relied on her to make and do those things.  Now with no one around to keep his life on an even keel he is suffering from anxiety.
  3. Line of Personality or what is his outer demeanour towards life?
    1. The difference between Vitality and Personality is one is an inner expression of a person’s character, while personality, like the outer planets from which it takes it name, is an outer expression of the person.  Thus Vitality is character, and Personality is expression.
      1. For Cooper, the Line of Personality is trine, so he always presents himself as a decorous Southern gentleman.
  4. Finally, the Line of Culture, or how does Cooper interact with the Modern Electronic Age?  Is he an  super texter?  Twitter aware?
    1. No surprise that the Congressman has this line squared and does not deal much with the smartphone age .  He probably does not pay much attention to it as he does, the New York Times aka the Grey Lady.

James Hayes Cooper

Other astrological notes of interest

  1. Cooper’s Mars in the eleventh house, and Saturn in the ninth, are in mutual reception,  which is perhaps why he was a Blue Dog as long as it was helpful.
  2. He has a Grand Trine in Air (Moon, Neptune to the Sun).
  3. His Ascendant is 25 Capricorn,  also the ascendant for the British occultist Sepharial.   
    1. Dr. Mohan Koparkar says that this is a strong Capricornian degree, with an aspect to either Mars or  Saturn as important. 
    1. McClung gives it the symbol of  “helping hands to the people”  suggesting a need to be of service.
  4. He is a Locomotive pattern.

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