Mark Lavon Helm was the drummer of the Band, the backup band to Bob Dylan. They were rather unknown until they scored big at Woodstock, an event that Levon, as he was popularly called, so impressed him, he is buried there in the Catskills (the New York version of the Pennsy’s Poconos and separated by a sliver of water).

Levon has a lot of great aspects in his chart that would make him a drummer — a preponderance of Earth, mainly in Taurus but Neptune in Virgo in the second suggests this will bring him a comfortable living. That was good for his love of performing — Pluto on the first house cusp sextiles his Sun in the eleventh house — drove him to success, (Rolling Stone Magazine rates him as number #22 in their listing of important Rock and Roll drummers).

Medievally Helm’s Sun is In Hayz. Alas, as it is opposite his fifth house cusp (creative endeavours) of Sagittarius, to make it big in his chosen field meant not only leaving Arkansas, but traveling — and as they all lamented in their farewell movie The Last Waltz, “lots of it.”

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Marc Jones puts a lot of reliance on his focal determinator, the Moon in Aquarius on the seventh house because it is a luminary, and that adds to the “weight” of Pluto’s importance, particularly as it is square Jupiter also in a fixed sign. That opposition made a T-Square, and Jones loved them, right back to the Midheaven and Jupiter.

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