The Arcturan system is one I discovered via Prometheus Software. Michael Mukasey in his book “An Astrological House Formulary,” writes the “horizon is cut at thirty degree intervals starting at the east point and projected onto the ecliptic.” How different that is from the Koch, Equal and Placidus house system you can view below.

Keith Rupert Murdoch is the son of Australian a successful news correspondent who married very well, becoming a dominant force in Australian news, along with the late Kerry Packer.  Between the two, they are Australian News,  outside of the ABC, the State News Agency that dictates the television and radio broadcast scene.  Rupert, as he is more familiarly known, was born on 11 March 1931 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia at 23:59 according to his biography.   After building the News Network, he handed it over to his son Lachlan who has literally decimated it as it does not suit his politics. Sir Rupert claims he will reclaim the helm before his billions turn into millions.

Georgia May Jagger is on the end above Chloe Murdoch (16). The right of Georgia is Lachlan Murdoch, in front of him step-sister Prudence, Next to Lachlan is James and Gabriel Jagger and then James Murdoch (who has since married).  Elizabeth Jagger is next to Elisabeth Murdoch, then the bride, in front of her Grace Murdoch (18).

On Inauguration Day, when CNN led with an average of 7.9 million viewers and MSNBC brought in 5.3 million––with a respective 10 million and 6.5 million viewers tuning in for Biden’s address––Fox News lagged with an average of 2.2 million viewers in the same five-hour block. These numbers mark a 77% decrease for Fox when compared to the last Inauguration Day, when it rang in Trump’s presidency by topping all cable and broadcast ratings with 8.8 million viewers throughout its coverage and 11.8 million during Trump’s speech. On the day of the storming of the Capitol building, CNN had a record day and beat out its rivals with an average of 5.9 million viewers, while MSNBC followed with 4.5 million viewers on average. But only 3.4 million viewers on average watched Fox’s January 6 coverage.

Vanity Fair Magazine, A Conde Nast Publication
All the charts use the “official” of Sir Rupert, but that is obviously wrong.  Nonetheless, it does not matter for the demonstration, so I am not going into the aspects and Jones Line’s, as it would be a waste of time.  Another time, I will rectify the chart accordingly.

Rupert as Placidus

Rupert as Equal

Rupert as Koch

and finally Rupert as Munkasey’s Arcturan

You see that while the aspects are like the Koch; the orbs have changes.  Prometheus gives some great astrodyne reports. They are also in the Australian Solar Fire, which calculates its Astrodynes differently, which differs greatly from Church of Light’s formulation, but I am not sure how similar this is to the latter’s either. When I have more time, I update the essay to reflect on that information.
But this one, the Sign Balances, is my absolute favourite. It is so bright and colourful. At a glance, you get a quick hand portrait, which shows rather starkly that this cannot be his accurate birth-time. If you enjoyed this glimpse at the Arcturan and Rupert Murdoch, please give it a like. It helps morale.


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