The boys were seasoned professionals by the time they poured out their magic harmonies in a series of hillbilly harmonies and Nashville nous, their full-chorded acoustic guitars embracing Bo Diddley’s exotic rhythms to create the hint of rock’n’roll in a country sound.

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 Boudleaux and Felice Bryant wrote many of lyrics but the duo penned Warner Bros, Cathy’s Clown, which achieved an almost unprecedented nine weeks at No 1 in Britain in 1960 and was another US No 1.

Phil wrote When Will I Be Loved; as well as (’Til) I Kissed You, Don wrote Since You Broke My Heart, and So Sad (to Watch Good Love Go Bad).

The late Robert Christgau, rock critic for the [Greenwich] Village Voice, has an excellent review of their album, This is the Everly Brothers, and a keen eye for their charismatic adolescent charm.

Don was married and divorced four times and had four children. Brother Phil had already passed when Don heard the call and went home.