From Magnum P.I. on, Tom Selleck has been a television heart throb. He made few movies because his studio would not release him, fearing that further publicity would make his demand more in next contract, thus Harrison Ford got the title role, and highly lucrative, Indian Jones part. Pity isn’t it?

Selleck has a grand trine in air, perhaps that is why he plays such compelling detective roles — almost becoming a modern day Sherlock. His Neptune part this trio is in the twelfth house conjunct Jupiter, showing the limited range the studios have allowed him, but how nonetheless he has been able to create a successful, and very popular, career for himself within it.

While his good looks cannot be denied, his voice, getting a part of fortune in Taurus is key to his successful — a smooth luxuriant baritone tht exudes confidence. His ascendant at 26 Libra 58 is close enough to his Scorpio first house to show how his sexual appeal is part of his charm. It gets the symbol “the symbol of an eagle flying as a brilliant spot in the sky while an airplane flies in the same air space.” Jones writes about Wheeler’s symbol that it is about the privilege some people have as the dwell above the normal stresses of life and portray to all viewing, the calm deliberation and cool observation that encourages them. Yes, he does that well.

Selleck is a Splash Temperament Type filling up nearly 5/8th of the wheel with either planets or astrological points. If you have never seen a Magnum episode, I cannot help you as they all locked up on YouTube and viewing is fee-based. Instead what follows is my favorite…it’s classic Selleck btw.

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