Sharon Stone in the 1990s was a big box office draw, selling cold aloofness with alluring sexuality. Her stellium in the eleventh house, definitely was good for a career in the public but the key is it is in all in Scorpio, the sign of sex, magic and death, and that was definitely the roles she portrayed — her femme fatale were always leading some hapless man to their death in hopes of one last kiss.

Rising is 07 Sagittarius 00 Cupid knocking at the door highlighting her insatiable appetite for experience particularly of a Venusian nature. Very fast moon highlights her scholastic ability but Mercury so close to her Sun shows how she used it all for her own selfishness. It paid well though, Venus in the second house, so she’s happy. Her dynamic aptitude is Mercury to Saturn highlighting her impersonal aloofness she often brings to her parts most notably The Quick and the Dead, and Total Recall.

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