The chart below is based on the data supplied by Marc Jones in his Sabian Symbols; I did not rectify it as from what little I read about her it seems accurate enough. Interesting how her sun and ascendant are partile at 30 Aquarius, I cannot say I’ve run into that aspect previously. Bombay is now Mumbai, India.

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The Sabian Symbol this pairing is “a mystic moonlit field near the site of a mystic Babylon has sprung into the delicate white bloom” a symbol of soul refreshing inner poetry or the light in the heart that comes forth from a spiritual inner being. The Keyword is “Retrospective and the warning good fortune that obscures the inner light of being” while Eric Matthews suggests it is a symbol of “attainment” of one’s wishes and desires appropriately enough with her preponderance in the eleventh house of fans and the adoring public. She has another preponderance in Aquarius obviously hinting at her unusual and striking beauty and finally a third in Scorpio in the ninth house of long voyages and publicity.

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