Why Blinken Matters

Joe Biden has proposed that his long-time associate, Antony Blinken, will be the Secretary of State, replacing Michael Pompeo. Blinken, served as deputy secretary of state under John Kerry, and moves up a slot to become the U.S. Secretary or foreign affairs honcho. He has openly pledged to reopen the Palestine Liberation Organization office in Washington, restore aid to the Palestinians, rejoin the World Health Organization, and——to resume the failed Iran nuclear deal without preconditions.

Blinken, fluent in French, is a wholehearted supporter of international treaties and pacts. He has said his goal as Secretary of State is to reverse all the Trump foreign policy’s initiatives, including the latest Middle East Peace Plan Trump and Pompeo crafted. That may be unnecessary, as the Peace Plan is unraveling as the signatories sense Trump has lost the election.

Blinken’s Past is prologue to his role as Biden’s Secretary of State

Blinken is a longtime Washington insider. He worked in both Bush II and Obama administrations. 

He opposes Israel’s annexation of Judea and Samaria, and potentially Jerusalem beyond the 1949 ceasefire lines. He considers Israeli land concessions to be a prerequisite for peace. He supports the establishment of a Palestinian state in Gaza and the pre-1967 Jordan-occupied Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem. He agrees with Joe Biden about rejoining the Climate Accord and the World Health Organization, the former which would hamper America’s energy independence and that latter that ignored the Covid crisis, is integral to America’s future. 

He is former National Security Advisor to the then Vice President Biden, where in 2011 he urged a US/NATO military offensive against Muammar Gaddafi, in order to stop “Qaddafi’s human rights violations and slaughter of his own people.”

He opposes Saudi involvement in the civil war in Yemen, which has become the most active Iranian beachhead against Saudi Arabia, aiming to topple the Saudi regime.

He objects to the Saudi aggressive policy toward Qatar, despite that the little republic is a major financier of Turkey’s Erdogan, and the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, which the bin Saudis see as major threats to their rule.  But then based on these two viewpoints, one cannot say Blinken is pro-Saudi.

Despite his so called “human rights” foreign policy, he does not apply that yardstick to Iran, whom he supports and was part of the BILLION dollar airlifting under Obama to help prop up the ayatollah’s rule.

He is pro LBGTQ+  and believes that their rainbow flag should fly with the USA national everywhere.  Most of these beliefs, Blinken enacted almost immediately upon Senate confirmation on January 26, 2021.


The Personal Blinken

He was born on April 16, 1962 in Manhattan, New York. His maternal family are Hungarian Jews who were incarcerated in Auschwitz and Dachau; his parents raised him Jewish.

His wife, Evan Ryan, is Roman Catholic. There is no mention of children perhaps that will come out later. The couple was married in an interfaith ceremony in March 2002 in Washington, DC. Mrs. Blinken kept her maiden name and was the Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs in the Obama Administration. Prior to her marriage, there is no record of her work resume.

I have rectified Antony Blinken to approximately a 2:45 am birth time, giving him a 22 Aquarius ascendant, which is a critical degree in the zodiac. This shows him to be an energetic, forceful personality and a tireless worker.


                                            the Categorial Imperative of Antony Blinken

This was also the ascendant of German philosopher Immanuel Kant, author of the Critique of Pure Reason (1781, 1787), the Critique of Practical Reason (1788), and the Critique of the Power of Judgment (1790), whose three books that are considered influential in modern epistemology as a rejection of Platonic dialectics. 

Plato dialectics is roughly the discussion of the subject so someone can understand the underlying reason for the behaviour or philosophy.  Kant throws that out and instead says to determine behaviour one should use a “universal categorical imperative” i.e. what is good for someone to do in USA is good for them to do elsewhere in the world. 

This idea of the categorial imperative is the gold standard in Democratic Progressive Politics. The idea is what is good in the United States nationally, if one buys into this theory,  is good for the rest of the world no matter what their cultural identity or people’s religious beliefs hold. None of that matters because we are all “one” universal person.

This has been the hallmark of all Democratic Progressives from Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations, forerunner to the League of Nations, FDR’s Yalta agreements, Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy that tied American aid to that’s country’s human rights violations, Bill Clinton’s bombing of Sudan for being a sponsor of state terrorism and finally Barack Obama’s interference and ouster of Muhammad Gaddafi as a dictator in the “Arab Spring” led to massive destabilization of several countries and millions of their population.

The only exceptions, and they are quite notable is Harry Truman’s Korean Conflict and John F. Kennedy’s Viet Nam Excursions both to stop Communism in southeast Asia; the latter was totally denigrated by the US Left who felt America should get of Nam, and let China conquer the whole area, and vanquish the native peoples.


                        One conjunction of impersonalness


Blinken has two oppositions, no trines, and one conjunction in his chart.

The major one is from Neptune in Scorpio in the eighth house to Venus in her rulership in Taurus, the second, house Taurus’s natural domicile. This position makes him rather personable, but on an impersonal level i.e. while he is friendly and charming to all that he meets, it it in a detached manner so that while he may recognize a person, he has met somewhere and recollect their facts, that’s all the person is to him — salient facts that identify one person from another.

The lack of trines in his chart a lack of conjunctions, Blinken has one, often together, support this impersonal bureaucrat, though you can find this type in many trades. His one conjunction, and it gets great emphasis because it is the only one, the Moon to Mercury makes him elitist and self-justifying: he not only does not see the other person’s point of view but also is more concerned that the other person agree to theirs.

The opposition though between Venus and Neptune a rather vindictive streak suggesting he does not forget a slight harboring them for many years (squared Saturn in Aquarius in the twelfth). Mundane wise, this would make him a formidable enemy because of his position, and because of his dislike of President Trump would work energetically to reverse Pompeo’s work in the Middle East.

Blinken as Secretary of State

The New York Times, never a supporter of the President, has admitted that Blinken’s foreign policy would return the U. S. to a “discredited” US first and only status. Based on his chart, that would not matter to Blinken and we see that with his second opposition is from Jupiter in the twelfth house of Pisces, which it essentially rules, opposite Uranus in Leo in the sixth, that is in its detriment — Blinken cares more about being in charge (Jupiter the leader) than working and deferring to others. This makes him rather imperial in nature, and the United States Foreign Policy will reflect that bias.

Blinken is a rather diverse 4-4 Hourglass pattern. I don’t think we’ve run into any with this pattern in the previous administration.

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