The next book on the subject, Planetary Patterns, by the late astrologer Robert Jansky expanded many of the descriptions, but also changed some formulations for the types. In the last chapter, he added in another pattern that he discovered, the Fan Pattern, after some comments Jones made in Essentials; Jones called it a fan handle. Since then there have been many books on the types/patterns some adopting Jansky’s descriptions, some adopting Jones’s so this is a case where the verbiage is the same but the descriptions are different.

Jones found that two of his types, the bowl and the bucket, had a rim opposition i.e. two planets opposite each other at the end of the hemispheric groupings. An opposition is defined as two planets in opposite signs that fall within their respective orbs. He then divides this into 1) with a rim opposition and 2) without a rim opposition, because a rim opposition is unnecessary for either type.

A rim opposition example

The Trump 2017 inauguration, while a mundane chart, does have a rim opposition, as shown below between Jupiter and Uranus highlighted by a purple two-way arrow. The red arrow shows the T-Square, that in this chart’s case becomes also the focal determinator. To create a T-Square, you must always have an opposition. It can be at the rim or not.

President Obama’s second inauguration on the other hand, on January 21, 2013 does not have a rim opposition, as there is no opposition to either the Moon or the Jupiter in Gemini or even Saturn in Scorpio. This setup is more open to events without a preset agenda.

Through the site, the various bowls, no rims, rims and lipped, are pointed out as are the ten planets when they are the handle–i.e. the focal determinator–for the bucket.

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