Farmers are socialists by nature. It takes a community of like minded people to make a successful farm, as historically they tend to share tools, tips and hard times and Henry Agard Wallace came from a long line of farming stock. His father, Henry Cantwell Wallace, successfully create a hybrid species of corn that is still harvested today. Henry A, as he was called, started out as a journalist for the family newspaper, Wallaces’ Farmer until it went bankrupt. His political career began in FDR’s administration as the agriculture secretary where he developed the Agricultural Adjustment Administration developing farming price supports that have been a mainstay of American farming ever since.

He ran with FDR as Veep in 1940, but left in 44 and Truman got the nod. The two, despite both being from the Mid West corn belt, never got along, and Henry A broke with the Democratic Party forming the Progressive Party. He favored nuclear disarmament and like FDR was friendly with Stalin, though many American socialists thought he went too far.

He joined the family company that changed it’s name to Pioneer Hi-Bred continuing with genetically modifying farm crops. By 1999 Pioneer was fully owned by DuPont.

Here is a good write up on his life from the University of Iowa.

The Map of Vice President Wallace

We are using Marc Jones’s time for Mr. Wallace: 7:12 at night and not 7:30 as noted in We have found that time works far better. Looking at the chart there is an opposition in his Second to Eighth Houses between Sagittarius and Gemini, or as Dr. Jones would say, a common natural disposition.

Natural dispositions are created by opposition within sign quadrature or type: fixed, mutable and cardinal and are inherent to the chart itself

University of Iowa on Henry A.pdf

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