Kerry Kennedy Cuomo was the seventh child of the late New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy and his wife Ethel. She married Andrew Cuomo, the current governor of New York and the the eldest of five children of New York Governor Mario and Matilda Cuomo in 1990.


They were married at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington, D.C., on June 9, 1990. The choice of church was poignant and that seemed to be word of the day because the Cathedral of St. Matthew’s, was also the setting, 27 years earlier, for President Uncle John F. Kennedy’s funeral mass. And though her Uncle Senator Ted was still alive and she had plenty enough brothers, and a willing mother dressed in pink chiffon, Kerry walked down the aisle alone. A rather sad note overall more befitting a funeral than a wedding.

kerry and ethel.jpg
Kerry and mother Ethel, now 89.

The marriage, they had a three girls, did not last and by 2003 it was over, Kerry flatly no longer interested, and Andrew, based on accounts, relieved but stunned — they were Catholic after all. Nonplussed,  Kerry filed for divorced and while they still live near each other, ostensibly for the girls sake, they speak rarely to each other; and outside of tell-all books like the 2015 The Contender not much is known.

Their charts do give us some leads and show that despite her many planets in the Ninth house of religion, it just was not enough, for Kerry and Andrew unfortunately both wanted the same person for the spouse and neither of them were it.  Kerry wanted some one practical and hard working, but not too hard-working, just a regular rich guy with a soft job, good-looking with an extroverted personality for her to wear like bling. 

That description was not too far off from what Andrew Cuomo’s chart was looking for:  someone with a posh well-connected family, good looking, well-dressed and outgoing to all to the big charity event but with no ambition to threaten him. Looking further into Kerry’s chart, she was not that gal but neither was he; thus they both struck out.

kerry kennedy‘s natal chart

                                     The map of Kerry

While Kerry Kennedy has no oppositions in her chart and barely gets out of her bundle to make a bowl. Everything in her chart is centered in the Ninth House of religion and travel. The latter would make sense because of the sprawling Kennedy clan and the requirements of gathering in Hyannis on Cape Cod at the Kennedy compound, not to mention all the brothers and sisters she is in touch but since this stellium is earthy Virgo, she is very demanding and self-centered.  Stubborn (Twelfth house to Ninth House square) quarrelling with Kerry gets you no where fast — she can argue forever and never change her mind — she is implacable.

The Tenth house has Mars at Libra 01, making her desire an ambitious and aggressive male, much like her father and uncles, but also making for a lot of friction in the household, as it is square her Saturn in its native Capricorn in the first house as she tends to be a name-dropper and over bearing in her familial connections.  Also, her chart shows that she does not understand that one just “turns up” and waves for success; that a years of hard work are what made Uncle Jack successful, not just great hair and the square cut of his jib.

Mrs. Mario Cuomo, now 85.  When the pic was taken is unknown.

The Moon in Scorpio particularly in the Twelfth house makes her solitary and probably like her mother in law, Matilda, overdrink and brood.  That similarity may all the two women had in common, as the son cum husband, was said to bemoan the comparisons between Kerry and Mom, always in Mommy’s favour.

Kerry’s Neptune in the Eleventh did not help with those criticisms — as they probably made her privately fume and become more and more resentful.  As Kerry’s chart shows she does not deal with the public as well, or even with her family in discussing her feelings, this also probably fed into her depressive cycles and how she shocked her husband with divorce papers.

Saturn trine Venus in Virgo agrees with the Governor’s  comments that she is “dowdy dresser” and a bit of prude, but then again being a female in the Kennedy household would make most women shy and hesitant.  Her cousin Caroline is no better a dresser than she, and Caroline has Jackie O, as a model; all Kerry had was Ethel.  She has none of Marc Jones’ Lines in her chart either, which do not help in making her more in tune with her environment and the people within it.

Saturn Return

Her Saturn return chart, shows that if her ex-husband does make a run for the presidency in 2020, he should not be concerned about Kerry bad mouthing him or leaking untoward secrets to the press for she is more interested in her own life and well being than his. But Andy has proven to be his own worst enemy, first with sending Covid victims to nursing homes where the residents died in untold numbers, and now in a sexual abuse stories. This later story is finally releasing some Kerry Cuomo stories that support his lecherous action have been Andy’s modus operandi for a while.

kerry kennedy cuomo saturn return chart

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