The clip is from the Johnny Carson Show with Miss DeHaven,  Gene Hackman,  George Carlin  McLean Stevenson of MASH

Her parents were vaudevillians and she her younger brother Carter grew up on the circuit.  Gloria Mildred Dehaven was born on July 23, 1925 in Los Angeles and we are rectifying her to 12 Scorpio giving her a strong forceful personality  that was emphatic in her convictions.    Miss DeHaven attributed her youthful looks to an organic diet of vegetables and her complete faith in prayer.  She died July 30 2016 in her hometown of  L.A.

And the Gloria Dehaven Obit from the New York Times by Anita Gates.

                                                                              Charting Gloria



Hhe strong preponderance of planets in theatrical Leo is striking in Miss DeHaven’s chart — she has six of them spanning from the metaphysical ninth house straight careening right in the tenth.  Her Pluto in Cancer shows she will have children though they may be disconnected paternally, as the eighth house is ruled by Mars, and she will be strongly attached to them.

DeHaven is a strong extravert and is Bucket with an Uranian handle in the creative fifth house.  That handle explains her hair color of the film, something the UK Telegraph enjoyed noting from brunette, to raven haired, blonde to redheaded through the various decades.  Uranus at 26 Pisces is reinforced by its Lord sextile to the second house, suggesting that her long and versatile career gave her both security and a healthy bank account.

Her Moon is intercepted on the eleventh house cusp, opposite Uranus, and this is a polarizing factor in her chart withhe Moon shedding light on her active public half and its back to the private.  While true,  she was lucky in her career and her work, but not in her three marriages as none lasted, she did avoid scandal because her Cosmic Cross  with the Moon as a beacon kept her eye on the prize:  that scandal could destory her career and with it her source of independence and support for herself and children.

Miss DeHaven may have not been a major Hollywood Star, but she did do something that many bemoan that they would love to do:  continue working as long as possible and it was her shrewd management skills that made that possible — she retired at 75.

the gloria de haven natal chart


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