Belle Bart, not the Borscht Belt comedienne Belle Barth, who is the predominant search item when looking for the astrologer, is number 69 on the Jones hit parade. He peppers his 1000 nativities with astrologers and esotericists for as Kent McClung of the Hyperion symbols, said when I mentioned this, “Who else would remember them?”

Well the late Donna Cunningham, herself an astrologer,did. She had a website dedicated to them, but it ended with her.

The present cycle, ruled by the planet Mars, remains in force until the year 1944. We can not, therefore, hope for an entirely peaceful response of all national powers until the passing of the cycle.

Belle Bart, through the stars to success c. 1923.

Elbert Hubbard’s Roycroft Press, Buffalo, New York published Belle’s books.

Belle’s chart

Jones, in his Sabian Symbols, cites the following data. She has an ascendant of 25 Virgo 43 with Saturn nearby, making her hardworking and environmentally sensitive.

The combination of the two gave her great powers of concentration and insight. A bucket with a Mars handle in the creative fifth house tells us she was a bit of rogue breaking with the dominant idea of traditional astrology and was an early voice for what would become ‘Modern” astrology and the use of Uranus and Neptune but also her use of “relationships” that would later be popularized by Linda Goodman was novel. I have not run into anyone writing then who was considering those ideas.

With the Moon and Venus up in the tenth house, she was probably successful in her trade, hence her ability to publish several books. In Thru the Stars, she makes many interesting mundane predictions that were in review, spot on : calling for the end of Prohibition in the 1930s — it was in 1933 by FDR and in the 1940s a major war.

Interestingly, her book ends just as Pluto was discovered.