Kaleigh McEnany is the former Trump White House spokeswoman.

That is a perfect job for someone that is a Bucket with Pluto handle, her planetary pattern. Kaleight was diagnosed positive with the BRCA-2 mutation when she was twenty-one but she waited to have the preemptive double mastectomy after she was married and have her daughter, Blake Avery. I guess with a Cancer Rising she wanted to enjoy breast feeding at least once in her life.

Kaleigh and her surgery

She writes about the surgery here. I decided to look at her chart, that I rectified — there is no time associated with her birthday on Wikipedia, all because I saw her dancing with her daughter Blake Avery in this Facebook video, and I was surprised to see she was not only married but had a child (I knew nothing previously about the woman.)

Our header picture btw, is of Kaleigh four days after the double mastectomy. Hence she is wearing a drainage bag while at a Tampa hockey game.

What is BRCA-2?

 Breast cancer 1 (BRCA1) and breast cancer 2 (BRCA2) genes are the most common genetic markers for cancer in both males and females–yes men can get breast cancer, any mammal who has breasts can, and unfortunately men do get breast cancer. I met one a while back in an art class. Bob was a very happy five-year survivor.

About 3% of breast cancers (about 7,500 women per year) and 10% of ovarian cancers (about 2,000 women per year) result from inherited mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.

BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are the genetic markers that are supposed protect a person from getting certain cancers. Unfortunately mutation, an abnormal change to the gene, stops the protective resistance from working properly and instead turns on  person (medically called a host) and causes it. This is actually how most genetic diseases occur — a rogue gene gets a bad signal and instead of stopping the disease, causes it.

If you inherit one of these mutations, you are more likely to get breast, ovarian, and other cancers. However, not everyone who inherits a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation will get breast or ovarian cancer. That is because while everyone has two copies of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, only one copy is inherited from each parent.

So if a person inherits a BRCA1BRCA2 mutation from one parent, they still have the normal copy of the BRCA1BRCA2 gene from the other parent.  If both copies are sickly, then trouble results. 

Why did Kaleigh get the test?

That was my biggest question –why would someone at 21 even test for BRCA-2.  Kaleigh answered her mother had breast cancer, and so the doctors recommended her to get the test:  they figured she would have at least one of the markers but not necessarily two.  Unfortunately the test came back positive for both marker, so she knew when she met the right person (Mars opposite her Part of Fortune) he would be accepting of her fate.

I rectify all charts without considering other people in their life, or health issues. I believe, and Kaleigh’s chart bore me out, that a good rectification would show the events and not as many programs do, maps to the event. Obviously, I rectify by hand and not be computer.

While I am not a health astrologer, I did grow up in a family with a lot of medical professionals, and I know a lot more personally, so those topics come up more than the average. It would be the same if I had grown up with law and order people — I would have more interest in crime like C.E.O. Carter who was a British solicitor.

What the chart suggests

I rectified Kaleigh to a 11:30 birth-time for April 18, 1988 in Tampa,  Florida.  This gives her an ascendant of 09 Cancer 07 with the symbol of “A little miss leans to catch a goldfish in a sparkling pond,”   This symbol suggests someone eager and curious about herself and her surroundings.  I can see with an ascendant like that, she would heed the doctor’s recommendation because uncertainty would drive her batty.

Next looking around the wheel, I saw one rather strong indicator that a mastectomy would occur based on modern medicine research, not physical proof, and that is Mars in Aquarius in the eighth house:    Mars is surgery, the eighth house sex, and Aquarius is a double bodied symbol i.e. there are two breasts like a lot of redundancy in the human body suggesting  surgical removal of the breasts may happen depending upon NEW MODERN DNA testing, something that was not physically found, but speculative.

A semi-sextile away at 02 Capricorn 30, Saturn, that bringer of ill health is found with the symbol of “a pair of stained glass windows are ruined by bombardment,”  a nice metaphor for the operation since all studies show that people look at chests first and then faces.    Saturn is also opposite her ascendant in Cancer with the T-Square to her midheaven of 26 Pisces 33 with the keyword “Finesse”, or skillfully handling a delicate situation.   

 BTW, while all these symbols can be taken for other aspects of Ms. McEnany’s life, I am only reviewing them in respect to her BRCA-2 test results, and I think that the midheaven does show how waiting the nine years, and getting it done while Spokeswoman, were all good things for bringing attention the importance of getting the test for all people who have someone with breast cancer in their family.H

I hope this essay and chart helps those in a similar predictament, but most of all, may all your results be fine.



This chart was updated on 07 August 2022 because Kaleigh’s name was misspelt. My apologies.