Astrologer Evangeline Adams has this chart first in her 1927 book, “A Place in the Stars.” Aleister Crowley, who helped edit the book, also has the chart in his Compleat Works. It is for an unknown woman whom they give the epithet, “Congenital Idiot” i.e. someone who was born with developmental, but not necessarily hereditary, disabling mental disease. Historically, this was called Mongoloidism.

Then in  1959, thirty years after the original book was published, the French physician Jerome Lejeune discovered that an extra copy of chromosome 2 caused Down’s syndrome. Since people with  named after Dr. John Down  have three copies of this chromosome, instead of the normal two copies, the condition is called trisomy 21 and is now recognized as the cause of Down’s syndrome.  The disease is associated with many facial malformations, such as a slight flattening of the face, a low nose bridge and a fold of skin over the corner of the eye, but more seriously  major deformations such as heart defects and a smaller brain size.

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                           Rectifying the Young Lady

We rectified the chart from an Ascendant of  #5 Libra that Adams and Crowley had  to Libra #1 or the Sabian Symbol a person frozen in time like a butterfly with a single dart – the image seems fitting.

 Our house system is different from them as well; we use Morinus while they chose the ever popular Placidus.  No matter, either way she is a Bowl Temperament Type with all her planets in the Southern or upper hemisphere of her chart, giving her a public persona despite her private personal life.

The lack of a rim opposition suggests there is no closure in her life — things happen and disappear without cause or meaning, at least from her point of view.

Download Miss CI’s chart.

                      What we know about her

Miss CI was born on September 1st, 1880 in London, England. Neither Adams nor Crowley make any comments about her family background, but her Arabian Parts suggest that she came from a wealthy family with possible Royal Connections (Juno is conjunct the part of Royalty). That the family had money makes sense, as it is doubtful that a poor miscreant would have gotten good care, and thus be brought to their notice.

Astrologically, she has a multitude of earth planets in her chart — six are in Virgo alone and those are in the twelfth house of confinement. Two more are trine them in the eighth house in Taurus, thus she has a Sabian preponderance of earth signs — one of the six is Venus in the house of her fall, Virgo, thus casting a cold pall upon our gal, and making her emotions stifled; she would be hard pressed even without her developmental problems to show great warmth as her natural emotional proclivity is reserved and standoffish.

What’s her line?

Venus is also part of the Line of Efficiency that Marc Jones re-termed the Ptolemaic planetary pairing of Mars and Venus, and here so closely conjunct (less than a four degree orb) highlights her outward demeanour being so at variance with her inner turmoil.

 Like the Alice in Wonderland writer, Lewis Carroll, whom Marc Jones wrote profusely about in his Alice in Wonderland series, her Line of Efficiency depicts the fundamental adjustments she had to make within her world around her.  Conjunct, it is conjunct suggests she does not but prefers to remain alone and insular; complete and unto herself as well “little discrimination in petty things” — her intense reaction against things in her environment being changed or moved.

Her conjunct Line of Vitality and the other planetary pairs that Dr. Jones created as a shorthand to understand how a person inter-reacts with themselves, their environment & their outer world show that she puts a lot of value on how she acts and reacts to the world; she is aware of it whether she can capably interact with it.

The Line of Culture, oddly named in this case, but actually referring to how a person reacts to their times and the milieu in which they live, is trine. Helen Keller, born deaf and blind, also has this aspect, suggesting a total communicative independence in both their cases from their environment. How these ladies converse and interact with others and their environs is their own devising. Thus, both our gal and Miss Keller did not bond with the outside world but developed their own language that their parents did not understand. For Miss Keller, it was not until Miss Sullivan came along and helped her, was she was able to communicate with anyone outside of herself; our gal was not so lucky.

Finally, and perhaps Miss C.I. also has Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Aries in her seventh house, which Marc Edmund Jones calls the Line of Personality. 1  He writes that this gives a person an “outsized” consequence to their life.

And so it has been.


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