Louise  Lynn Hay, one of the pioneers of the modern self-care revolution, has passed away today at the age of 90. According to her Facebook page, which broke the news just over an hour ago, she died of natural causes surrounded by her loved ones.  Her most popular book was You can Heal yourself.

She had 07 Leo Rising, the symbol of “The constellations in the sky” and a 01 Scorpio Moon  ” A sight seeing bus. ”  Her 15 Libra sun gets the perfect symbol of “Circular paths of self-respect”.  

She is a Splash Temperament Type, that expresses itself by emphasizing one’s humanity and work with helping and understanding others. Her strongest house is the Third House of Communications, three planets congregate there and her only conjunction — out of sign interestingly enough —  between Expressive Mercury (28 Libra) and the Free Will Moon (01 Scorpio) showing naturally enough, how she would make her own way against establishment doxology.

At her time of death, her Ascendant had progressed to an exact conjunction to her natal Mercury, demonstrating how she had closed all the loops in her life path and conjunct the natal Moon, was ready for her next journey.

louise died.png
Ms. Hay’s natal chart progressed to approximate time of death. 

Forgiveness Prayer from Ms. Hay

One of my favorite exercises from “You can Heal” is the exercise on Forgiveness.

Now we are ready to forgive. Do this exercise with a partner if you can, or do it out loud if you are alone. Again, sit quietly with your eyes closed and say, “The person I need to forgive is —————————–  and I forgive you for ————————————– .”

Do this over and over with every person you know or have met. You will have many things to forgive some for and only one or two to forgive others for.

If you have a partner, let him say to you, “Thank you, I set you free now.”

If you do not, then imagine the person you are forgiving saying it to you. Do this for at least five or ten minutes. Search your heart for the injustices you still carry. Then let them go. When you have cleared as much as you

When you have cleared as much as you can for now, turn your attention to yourself. Say out loud to yourself, “I forgive myself for ————————————-.”

Do this for another five minutes or so. These are powerful exercises and good to do at least once a week to clear out any remaining rubbish. Some experiences are easy to let go and  some we have to chip away at, until suddenly one day they let go and dissolve.

But honestly, Louise, thanks for them all.

louise hay
Ms. Hay’s natal chart
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