Goldsmith’s Revised Sabian Symbol for 28th degree of Virgo
A bald-headed man interrupts the discussion at a political meeting and forcefully introduces a totally different way of framing the problem.

This degree means: Injecting new ideas into public discourse (argumentative); convincing others that one’s own way of framing the situation is the correct one; derailing a false line of thought or a misguided policy; thought-provoking opinions and probing questions that get people to a deeper level; orchestrating the affairs of a group-whether of a family, a rock band, or a business; wrangling agreement from others by using soft or hard sells (employ heavy sarcasm to stifle opposition; harshly critical); finding a consensus vs. redoubling one’s efforts when the balance of public opinion turns against one; assessing the validity of one’s point of view by the results it produces vs. refusing to reexamine one’s basic assumptions (dominate others intellectually, emotionally or physically).

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