Gustavus V of Sweden has two outstanding birth times.  The popular one is from Marc Jones (noted as #461 in his Jones 1000) and has a 10 am birth time; Alan Leo has 10:30 am.  The difference is that the 10 am gives him a Regulus Ascendant, while the 10:30 am gives him a more prosaic Virgo 4 ascendant.  There is not much difference in the horoscope’s bearing itself–both have a preponderance of planets in the intercepted Gemini Tenth house.  Interceptions are supposed to shown hidden undercurrents in the horoscope.  Another change is the position of his moon from the First house (10 am) to the Twelfth (10:30).

The King & Queen of Sweden
gustav king of sweden
The Alan Leo time

Britannica version 11 (c. 1911) writes that GUSTAVUS V, or Oscar Gustaf Adolf, (1858- 1950), king of Sweden, was the eldest son of Oscar II., king of Sweden and Norway, and Queen Sophia Wilhelmina of Nassau, & was like his father, a great traveler. As crown prince, he held the title of duke of Warmland. He married in 1881 Victoria (b. 1862), daughter of Frederick William Louis, grand duke of Baden, and through this marriage the crown prince affected a union between the Bernadotte dynasty and the ancient Swedish royal house of Vasa.

During the absence or illness of his father, Gustavus repeatedly acted as regent, and was therefore already thoroughly versed in public affairs when he succeeded to the Swedish throne on the 8th of December 1907, the crown of Norway having been separated from that of Sweden in 1905. He took as his motto ” With the people for the Fatherland.

A very dapper Royal Family c. 1895. Looks similiar to Czar Nicholas’s family photo.
gustav at 10 am
the Marc Jones and Astrotheme time.

His eldest son was Oscar Frederick William Gustavus Adolphus, (b. November 11, 1882) who followed him as Gustav VI who married in 1905 Princess Margaret of Connaught (b. 1882), niece of King Edward VII.  Gustav V’s other two sons were Prince Vilhelm of Sodermanland, a voluminous writer, and Prince Erik of Vastmanland of died from the Spanish Flu of 1917.

In 1933 the seventy five year King supposedly had an affair with thirty five year old Kurt Johansson Hajiby. The case was settled out of court.

King Gustavus was a major supporter of a constitutional monarchy for Sweden after World War I and helped inaugurate government and franchise reforms in 1917 and 1918. This works well with his Mars in Scorpio, where is rules, but house within the Third house of brotherhood because of his desire to share. Michael R. Meyer in his sterling “Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer” notes that the lack of opposition suggests a “person responsible for his own equilibrium” while his almost empty fixed sign representation shows the King wanted to be “free to seek new areas of self-expression’ and not be bound to tradition. Both which seem to be true in his chart but that is hampered by his lack of fire signs in his chart, so while he may have wanted these things, he was more than willing to wait for Parliament and the Constitution to force them to happen.

He was the first Swedish monarch not to wear a crown and forego a coronation. Thus we think that the ascendant of 07 Virgo 38 with the Hyperion Symbol of a “conductor commanding attention from the orchestra” works well. McClung further qualifies the symbol as “something previously agreed upon.” Look at the both and see if you agree. Please post your findings. Thanks.

Gustav 5 King of Sweden

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