Asteroid Sedna named for the Intuit myth, is farther away from the Sun than Pluto, thus making it one of the coldest known asteroids. How cold is cold? Well Sedna never gets above 240 degrees Celsius or minus 464 Fahrenheit according to NASA where our header shot comes from.

senda discovery.png

We are assigning the asteroid Sedna the tentative keyword of Life Lessons Learned or Remembered, based on its preponderance in Sagittarius in the fifth house. Often we have shortened this to Learning or Learnt, but the implication must always be that what is learnt is the person’s overall life mission. In it’s own chart is found conjunct its North Node, in the tenth house, giving this aspect the meaning of “The Life Lessons Sedna learnt through patience, gave it the Confidence to aspire for public discovery”. We have used Sedna with this meaning a few times and found it works well.

discovery of sedna

Sedna in some charts:

As Sedna is slow you will find it in the same sign for many people over a period of time, so it is the circumstance, house, that matters most. If your program does not give you positions for Sedna, CafeAstrology via Solar Fire, printed an ephemeris for use, see here.

  • Mary of Guise, Mary Queen of Scots, mum has Sedna conjunct her ascendant showing how much her strong willfulness made her Queen of Scotland and not take Henry viii’s proposal;
    • while in daughter’s it is opposite because unlike her mother, she was more dependent on others and had to learn her role of Queen through them. This is apropos as one biography I read claims her uncles were key to her navigating through the French court when she married Francois II at fifteen. The book, and I’ll update this when I remember which one, claims those lessons bore her well throughout her tumultuous life.
  • The French actress Sarah Bernhardt has Sedna partile her Jupiter in the tenth house, showing how she learnt many different talents to become the Grand Dame of the Theatre and she saw the secret to her success was portraying her sensitivity to them.
  • French musician Claude Debussy has it opposite his Jupiter in Pisces and this time in the 8th house, this time how he focused on becoming sensitive to evoking sound for others to hear.
  • Valerie Bertinelli, Eddie Van Halen’s ex–wife and actress in the television series, One Day at a Time, has Sedna partile her Midheaven
    • as does George W. Bush though the house, or circumstance, is vastly different.
  • Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle has Sedna conjunct his Neptune in the eleventh house. Here we see that his lessons as a doctor, made him ready to go onto public stage with his greatest creative work: Sherlock Holmes;
    • actress Ruta Lee, after learning how to dance, sing and act, felt the same she was ready for Big Show.

In odd cases, you will find Sedna is intercepted. In this case, like New Zealand writer, Katherine Mansfield, we find Sedna is intercepted in her third house and thus she had a hard time learning the lessons of life for something seems to get in the way. For Mansfield, Sedna is clouded by her Part of Fortune, and so she faltered a few times before finding the way forward, here is where a Solar Return chart can prove quite helpful in showing you where Sedna is in your chart now so you know what life will be throwing your way as forewarned is forearmed. Best of luck