The header shot is of the 7th Brigade Royal Scots as it advances along the Basra-Kuwait highway.  From the US Dept of Defense.  To see more shots of this war click here.

Inkeddesert storm_LI.jpg

The chart is notable for only one major opposite and that is of Jupiter in Leo in the 9th House, travelling for war, against the band of countries in the Third worried about the weapons of Mass destruction. (Moon).  There is a preponderance of Capricornian planets in the Second House of Resources as well, and out there by its lonesome is Mars right on the Seventh House cusp but against the Ascendant in the Martial lord of Scorpio   — for once we and Iraq were the best of  friends, but now things are estranged.  Messy divorces, and this was quite a public one, are never fun.  Luckily casualties were few.

Interestingly this that Ninth House is the de facto focal determinator of this chart, for this is a bucket with a Jupiter handle.  It gives the feeling that while the War is over, things are still brewing under cover of the night.

download the desert storm chart

You can view the current progressions on the slideshow below.

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