Doing the four land time zones is popular so it continues.  Different places though.  Another change to the format is all the updates I make will now get listed on the front page, I’m not sure where, there are so many headings and cats it gets confusing.  Those updates will stay for the month with the last weeks going to the next month.

I cannot do the chart for the Titan as when this occurred is murky.  But its recent fatalities reminded me of the the ill-fated passengers of the July 31, 1943,  whose glider crashed at Lambert-St. Louis Airport claiming the city’s mayor, William Becker,  and nine others.  A sad tale indeed; both.

  1. Eastern is Boston, Massachusetts  Boston mass
  2. Center is Saint Louis, Missouri       Saint Louis
  3. Mountain is Bozeman, Montana    Bozeman
  4. Bakersfield, California                      Bakersfield