The Fall Equinox is a moving holiday, it does not necessarily fall on the same day every year.

This year it occurs on 22nd September at 4:02 EDT and has a strong preponderance in the sign of Virgo in the seventh house. The rising symbol is 29 Capricorn 29 or according to E.C. Matthews, “Collecting,” a period when collecting things occurs. That’s rather apropos for the traditional fall harvest in the northern hemisphere. The high amount of earth planets, thanks to the Virgo preponderance, encourages that feeling — assimilating what we have and bringing it indoor for the intemperate weather ahead.

The chart is a bucket, which is often where we put what we are collecting into, with a Uranian handle in the third house. Uranus is also our least aspected planet, thus collecting odd stories and tales of the peculiar, ghost stories and such are attracting us more than normal.

The other part of the Line of Culture is our most aspected planet, Neptune but the two are not in aspect, making the chart go beyond the paranormal and enter our everyday consciousness (the Line of Efficiency is quite strong) telling us there is a sudden attraction to us being the strange, the odd, the unusual. Perhaps that explains the sudden wave of transgenderism occurring — we want to switch places and experience the other.

Vive le difference!

Happy Hunting.

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