Astrometerology has a cool sounding name, but has been very hard for astrologers to peg down.

Theodor Landscheidt is a good name to keep in mind and study.  In this essay, I will look at the chart for the coldest temperature ever recorded in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming : -66°F (sixty six below zero) on February 9, 1933.

When I lived in the Poconos, we got temperatures almost that low for a long time and had hoarfrost. While beautiful, it is a rather frightening thing, everything is so still and seeing ice on inanimate life is disconcerting. Shohola Falls was stopped dead in its tracks.

As it is very cold, so you can only venture out between 11 am and 2 pm before the Sun starts to set and everything gets spooky. It is best to travel with someone in case you get fall in the ice — the snow drifts are frozen and so air pockets are lying underneath like traps that swallow you in a their white mittens.

Of course the typical off the shelf camera does not work at those temperatures, and snowshoes are out because the snow is ice. Instead like cars with chains, put on cleats on, and use a hiking stick with a sharp point . Alice’s Wonderland had it all and yes they ship.

The Basic Problems of Weather

So that is the first problem. How do you judge time? Are we going to use the Sun in Aquarius, which here is at 21 degrees to be our barometer? or should it be how long the Sun and Saturn and Venus were in conjunction?

The chart above shows what was captured on the day, a rather cool see-saw with just Uranus not part of the two groups. Uranus is typically indicative of precipitation, but here in the third house in Aries it gets a bizarre set of elements: Air, Earth, Fire for its placement.

Second problem. How do we associate the elements? Are they Fire (Aries) Air (3rd House) or Earth (Uranus)?

Third problem. How do you read the kind aspects — as mitigating the problems or encouraging it? See for yourself by adding in the sextile of Mercury in Aquarius, air and air & apply that. But shouldn’t you take into account their rulers as well?

So we have Air Fire Earth for Uranus, and Air Fire Water for Pluto and finally Air Water Fire for the Moon.

Astrometerology Roundup

Overall having studied this a bit, astrometerology is a worthless thing. It’s a post mortem application, and what good is it?

Astrometerologist Carl Tobey who was a meteorologist worked on it for years, and I’ve never read a thing that he got anywhere with it. I ‘ve done some work there thinking it would be interesting, but after a while I ran into the most obvious problem of all — the weather is well, erratic and you can go for years in your area and never get much. Just like at the plus 7 earthquake in Fiji — big quake nothing affected. So you find yourself chasing bits of blips ; it can get boring.

The best book I found was Zain’s in the Church of Light, Weather Astrology. Get that here. Armed with tht I found I could forecast the morning, afternoon or evening ahead, but never whole days. Perhaps like everything, that comes with time.

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