Chiron & Respect for Personality

Our featured image is by Giovanni Dal Lago, Italy,  of the asteroid Chiron; from the NASA archives.


Recently I read Barbara hand-Clow’s book on Chiron.  It has many interesting ideas but it ultimately fails as she takes too much from Ceres and gives it Chiron, thus hurting both.  I did like her emphasis on the environment and natural issues, which did seem to culminate in the 1970’s shortly before Chiron was discovered with Earth Day, but how do I apply that to a horoscope?  How do I make that work?

Ms Hand-Clow does not really give me much direction there, other than embracing my inner-Unicorn, so in the separate of allowing the asteroid to speak for itself, I decided to see what Chiron itself unfolds by looking at its natal, similar to what we did for Ceres, click to read that now.



Chiron’s Chart

Chiron was discovered at Palomar Observatory, on October 18, 1977 at 3:47 PDT. A new moon was about to appear the next day, so the skies were still dark enough that odd things could be detected.

We got the longitudinal coordinates for Palomar from NASA and used that instead of the general location of San Diego.  That gave us the Ascendant of 15 Virgo, an Ornamental Handkerchief which Dr. Jones writes “preserves meanings and helps perfect action.”

Looking at the Chart, that a YOD, a favorite configuration, would be perfect here and drew one from Chiron at 04 Taurus to Jupiter in the 10th at 07 Cancer.  The Apex ends at about Juno at 04 Sagittarius.  Dr. Jones in his book, Number Significance, says the keyword for Juno  is Politics or being Polite based on how Juno herself usually turned a deaf ear to her husband Jupiter’s philandering.

Both the husband and spouse are part of this configuration interestingly enough but it is the midpoint that shoots perpendicularly from Juno to to Gemini 04 that is the key to Chiron’s meaning.  Incredibly enough “Holly and Mistletoe” the symbol of maximum encouragement of the difference in human personality by allowing continual stimulation to every resource of imagination and spiritual appreciation.  Reversed, Dr. Jones writes about Miss Wheeler’s symbol, “obsession with superficialities”.

Dr. Jones summed this up with his maxim of “respect for personality,” or the necessary abilities of not judging a book or person by its cover but allowing it to speak for itself and not prejudicially pigeonhole by your preconceptions, fears, or misunderstandings.

Chiron Applied Case 1:  Adolf Hilter


Herr Hitler did not live while Chiron was found, but he is a good subject for the asteroid nonetheless.  In his case, Chiron is found at 07 Cancer, intercepted, in the ninth house of religion and journalism.  It has the symbol of “two faeries on a moonlit night” that Dr. Jones suggests encourages a transforming sensitivity or a healing imaginative force in once’s light.  Negatively, a senseless retreat to phantasy.

For the Herr, Chiron is directly opposite the Moon that is conjunct Jupiter, or an ability to stir up monsters and demons on command.  Pity his father did not let him become a painter as he wanted…but that’s another post.  The main point is that Chiron tells us that Herr Hitler was totally intolerant of any type of religion other than his own Superman creation where he became the Head Prophet in a Cult of Personality.

Chiron Applied Case 2:  Marc Edmund Jones

Our next case, Marc Edmund Jones, a Presbyterian minister and the Dean of American Astrology, also has Chiron in the Ninth House and in Cancer.  This time Dr. Jones’ Chiron is at 12 Cancer.  Unlike Herr Hitler, Dr. Jones did live to see Chiron discovered, having died in 1980.


In Dr. Jones’s case, Chiron is not badly aspected but very well dignified by a sextile with both Neptune at Gemini 03 and Juno at 08 Virgo.   His Chiron receives the symbol  “A Chinese woman nursing a baby with a message,” Cancer 12.  He writes that this symbol is emblematic of the gift for bringing universal resources or superior powers to a point of true community service.  When negative, it suggests that the native has unreasonable demands for recognition.

Dr. Jones spent a whole life devoted to his faith and belief in that Astrology was the hand of God guiding us along, in particular elucidating this message in his book “Astrology, How and Why it works, ” and appropriately enough, also demonstrating in his life and chart, A Respect for Personality.

You can download Chiron’s chart here.

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