The young Eleanor

            Like Mother like Son

Eleanor Cruz, nee Darragh, came into the spotlight because her son, Senator Ted Cruz, wants to run for President. Normally that would not garner much headlines, but in the senator’s case, his mother was born in Maryland, his father in Cuba and he in Alberta Canada, and so the question is Does a  Canadian birth disqualify him from running for the office of president of the United States?

The senator, a graduate of Harvard Law School, and student of Alan Dershowitz, says NO, and points to his mother’s birth as an American, his parents marriage in Baltimore.  He further argues they were just in Alberta Canada temporarily because of his father’s job, thus the Canadian birth is just a note on the certificate. 

His law professor, Alan Dershowitz agrees.

Other presidential candidates have had similar quandaries. There was George Romney, father of Mitt, was born in Colonia Dublán, Mexico to American Mormon missionaries and he ran for the office in 1964 against Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona. 1 This split the Republican ticket and Democrat Lyndon Johnson of Texas, and the Vice President under the assassinated John Kennedy, won handily. . And of course, more recently, the late Senator John McCain III was born in Coco Solo, Panama. Still, the news has to make some copy.

So, after all this ruckus, Senator Cruz posted his mother’s birth certificate to show his legal standing. While historically both parents had to be born in the US, now only one parent must have American natural citizenship. That is how President Obama scraped through (his father was born in Nigeria) but makes me wonder how Kamala Harris can run for president since neither of her parents were born here. I’m sure though Congress will come up with something

Cardinally Natural or it is Naturally Cardinal?

Mrs. Cruz has a cardinal natural disposition suggesting that she is very action oriented and does not really let the grass grow under feet; she takes charge of situation and wants it to be successfully carried out.  We saw that in her son Senator Cruz when offered a position on the Supreme Court turned it down preferring to be the “heat of the political fight.” I imagine he still harbors designs of being president.

Still her cardinal disposition works well for a woman whose career was a nurse, as does her Ascendant in Cancer, a naturally mothering sign but Uranus in the Tenth house, that career was quite eventful — including having to move to a foreign country with her first husband and again with her second.  But as Uranus is also in Aries, she managed that with aplomb and little complaint.

This essay and chart is based on her public birth certificate which has no time posted as  Mrs. Cruz was born at home on November 23, 1934 in Baltimore, Maryland. The time is just an approximation.  Her birth as many Americans will remember became an issue in the 2016 Election because it was question by then candidate-Trump whether Senator Ted Cruz was eligible to be the lawful President of the United States.  Breitbart News, run then by Steven Bannon said it was moot.  Read here for more.

While her son, Senator Cruz, was a great student, his mother probably was not, with Neptune in the Third House and would prefer working to learning, getting hands on experience and learning from mentors and not teachers.  While this chart was erected for sunrise and may not at all be correct, Neptune in the Third house also makes her rather eccentric and out of the norm, and conjunct nearby Mars would naturally encourage her son to his loftiest dreams, not even once thinking them ridiculous or fantastic.

Finally, she has a preponderance of planets in Sagittarius, the great traveller, in the Sixth House, so perhaps this wild guess chart is not as far off as one suspects.


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    This split the Republican ticket and Democrat Lyndon Johnson of Texas, and the Vice President under the assassinated John Kennedy, won handily.
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