Trump nominates Barrett in the Rose Garden

I originally stated it would happen at 12 noon but it was the Ceremony occurred at 5 pm and President Trump made the announcement at 5:05 PM – I clocked it. Luckily yesterday, and before the Times made its announcement, I pulled our Lagoa picked and went with Coney Barrett after reading more about the potentials. I rectified Barrett’s chart but am not releasing it.

 Who’s Who?

This chart works well for Trump (05 Sun in Libra keyword Fastidious) in the ninth house of legislature. Not shown next to him is the asteroid Siva for sudden partings (RBG’s death).

Barrett is Mercury (30 Libra) next to Hidalgo (the asteroid for non-Anglo-American minorities — she adopted two children from Haiti) and shows her in the tenth house or the culmination of all her career hopes and dreams.

The preponderance in the first house (the nation) of traditional Saturn ruled planets is à propos as Barrett is an Aquarian. The Moon in that chart is a degree away from Barrett’s natal. In a mundane chart, like this one, the Moon is associated with Changes.  Since it is close to her Sun, this displays the profound change in her life as a Justice: she is the first woman with school-age children.  And a Moon cycle might be close to her appointment – since 1900 70% of all nominees were confirmed in 46 days.  This is exactly the same time to Election Day.

The first house preponderance

The ascendant is 14 Capricorn 42 (keyword) Speed,  so while the majority gets confirmed in 46 days, according to Senate records, Justices John Paul Stevens, Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, were all confirmed quickly.

Stevens was a rapid 19 days, while O’Connor’s confirmation in 1981 took 33 days, and Ginsburg’s confirmation in 1993 took 42 days.  That makes the median fast-track confirmation time in the past 40 years 33 days,  and I agree I think she will be installed before the Election.

Neptune in the third house is intercepted, and I suspect some attempt at exposing financial shenanigans in the Barrett household will occur to derail her nomination. Perhaps concerning her adoptions.  That would boomerang, as Justice Roberts is the one with adoption improprieties that have never been brought to light, but as Venus is in the third house, maybe it’s another trick from the New Moon’s overloaded bag.

A mundane only site

Speaking of changes, right now because of the mishmash of mundane and natal charts here, I am thinking of breaking the mundane maps into their own site. That would mean that all the mundane charts, from both sites, would get united there. I am hoping to get that done by Thanksgiving.

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