It’s still a locomotive btw and again no interceptions so we are back to the Morinus layout that gives us 26 Virgo “a porter with overstuffed luggage” for our map. We have a Grand Trine in Fire, frankly I like the Mesopotamian method using planets instead of Ptolemaic elements much better, but that’s another story.

Whither goes Venus

Venus in Leo has morphed from the Wuhan Virus to Madame Justice Ginsburg, who died of Venus related pancreatic cancer. She is found at the Mid-heaven in the appropriate enough ninth house of justice and legislature.

The President says that before the 29 September debate that he will announce his female pick highlighting the yod in the chart with Neptune in Pisces in the fourth sextile Jupiter with the apex at 19 Leo ( a degree off what we once thought was Trump’s ascendant and two degrees from Obama’s). The head is at 18 Aquarius or the asteroid Crantor, named for a follower of Plato from Silesia, and a great supporter of the classical Academy.

Asteroid Crantor and great loss

Crantor wrote mainly about morality and his most popular tract was “On Grief” Latin “De Luctu” which was written for his friend Hippocles on the death of his son and was supposedly so lyric that Panaetius said it should be memorized as the perfect “memorial.” Marcus Tullius Cicero agreed and used it for his “Consolatio” on the death of his daughter, Tullia. Alas this work is lost. From this history, the asteroid Crantor, according to Jacob Schwartz’s Asteroid Name Encyclopaedia, is associated with “sudden death.”

The behaviour of the average man in a time of bereavement from his own language and remarks offered him by way of consolation, will reward the attention of a curious observer. The mourner takes it for granted that a terrible blow has fallen both upon himself and upon the object of his lamentations: yet for all he knows to the contrary (and here I appeal to Hades and Persephone) the departed one, so far from being entitled to commiseration, may find himself in improved circumstances.

first stanza from De Luctu, translated by H. W. Fowler 1905.

Of course the question arises did Tennyson know of it for his “In Memoriam A. H. H.” published in 1850 that got similar plaudits. Based on his Trinity College training, I would suspect so.

The Columbia Connection Forget that idea

We were betting on Cuban – American Babs Lagoa, but that is increasingly looking like a poor choice, as the Bush connections have become too prominent to ignore, and the Federalist who vetted both Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, is endorsing her; we feel that is the kiss of death. So, it would seem that Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who has been vetted by President Trump twice, is the favorite; the irony of this is almost palpable.

From what I read, Ginsburg’s comment about Trump being an idiot and incompetent before his election, click here for the Fox News broadcast, is why Barrett — who would be a total slap in the former’s face — is gaining ground.

Who is Amy Coney Barrett?

There is little known outside of her religion to be found anywhere, but it fits the Roman Catholic-Jupiter bias.

Democrats, and the pick is not until Saturday, have said via Schumer, they will retaliate by increasing the number of justices from nine to eleven next year when Biden wins. This was first tried by FDR. Pelosi has gone Schumer one better, and said that to her signals, that would vote for impeachment even if he wins.

Is this the chart for Amy Coney Barrett nomination? The ascendant has the keyword of “Differentiation” and suggests someone who wants to be a bit different. The midheaven at 17 Virgo 54 is at a critical degree that Wheeler’s calls a “Ouija Board” and the keyword is Acumen.

Democrat Fireworks

Since that is what they are threatening, and based on the chart for Saturday, September 26th, packed to the gills in second house–economic & political resources– and with Mars squared in the fifth –entertainment– I think Barrett gets the nod. What happens next should make the fourth of July fireworks, that was cancelled this year, happen in October (eleventh house –the house of Congress– Mercury in Libra opposite Mars).

Stay tuned.

Update: The New York Times has announced that Justice Barrett did get the nod. After a short Senate hearing, Barrett was confirmed October 26, 2020 and sworn in shortly thereafter.

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