While his official name was Gustave the Good on the premise that whatever you’re nickname is surely what you are not, but we called him Gusto because he was full of life and energy. He was a borzoi — a Russian Wolfhound — that we had to put to asleep 2 weeks before his tenth birthday, August 18, 2010 (time unknown) because he became paralyzed sometime Sunday afternoon. We believe it was cancer though we did no tests to confirm but I say this based on the progression of the disease since I first noticed it and the many years of experiences owning dogs with similar prognoses.

Mars on the 8th house cusp is the needle that put him to sleep.

We called mobile vets but no one showed though the mortician would have carried him away had she answered the call & burnt him at his crematorium. Because of his heft, about 90 pounds, I had to wait for a helper to get him into the truck. He had a good appetite last night eating lots of honey ham and cheese with a chocolate chip cookie for dessert — one should dine well before the end.

Martin Goldsmith’s Revised Symbols was perfect for the Lord of his chart — 25 Virgo. “Uncanny” is what I thought when I first read it.

Goldsmith’s Revised Sabian Symbol for 25th degree of Virgo
At the burial of a public official, the widow delivers a eulogy containing both praise and criticism for the deceased.

Inevitable judgment at the end of life-as to what one accomplished and what one left undone (inevitable revelation of personal secrets); the need to occasionally assess one’s life and put it in order; cleaning up one’s messes vs. leaving a legacy of unresolved karma (evasive rationalizations; may ‘bury’ themselves under a pile of problems through rash or thoughtless behavior); living up to one’s own expectations (harshly self-critical); commitment to achieving one’s personal goals; going forward despite setbacks; dealing honestly with one’s errors and getting back on track; building up one’s reputation vs. realizing that one’s real accomplishments and shortcomings are what they are, no matter how much false praise or unjustified blame is heaped on one’s name; second chances.

Goldsmith’s Revised Sabian Symbols are from ‘The Zodiac by Degrees” Second Edition by Martin Goldsmith, published by Red Wheel/Weiser, York Beach, Maine c. 2004.

Sleep well dear Prince. We loved you so.